Support needed NOW for Yorkley Court Community Farm

Nicole Vosper nicolevosper at
Sun Feb 22 16:46:27 GMT 2015

Call out from Yorkley Court Community Farm:
**Support Yorkley Court Community Farm*

For the last two and a half years we have been occupying land at Yorkley
Court in Forest of Dean, with the aim of establishing a sustainable
community farm.

A local millionaire property developer has other ideas and has filed a
claim for possession of the land that will be heard on *Thursday 26th

The legal situation is complex, but in the event that the decision goes
against us we will be /under immediate threat of eviction./

*We need practical and financial support. You can donate via this link:

Please come and visit or keep updated on the situation.

email: yorkleycourt at
Facebook: YorkleyCourtCF
Twitter: @yorkleycourt
Phone: 07522 025 889

You can also see updates at:

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