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*International Reclaim the Fields Action Camp

When: *Friday 6pm 28th August  - Wednesday 2nd September 2015*
Where: *Borras Community Protection Camp, Wales*

*Reclaim the Fields UK (RTF) was born in 2011, as a star in a wider
constellation of food and land struggles that reaches around the globe.
Since 2011, camps and other RTF gatherings have helped support local
communities in struggle, share skills, developed networks, and
strengthened the resistance to exploitation, in Bristol, west London,
Gloucestershire, Nottingham and Fife among other locations.

Every two years there is also an international camp, where people from
around Europe and beyond meet together to support a local struggle (from
gold mining in Romania to open cast coal mining in Germany, for
example). People share stories and ideas about resistance and reclaiming
our food system beyond national borders. This year, an international
gathering will be held in the Wrexham, UK.

*The aims of the camp are:*

  * To support local communities in the Wales and the North West of
    England with their struggles against fracking
  * To increase participation in Reclaim the Fields
  * To demonstrate visible, active opposition to prison construction
  * To support Borras Community Protection Camp build a garden and
    infrastructure to become more self-reliant
  * To demonstrate the interconnection between these struggles
  * To inspire and radicalise everyone involved

**What is happening: *

  * *Actions* – demonstrations & actions against companies involved in
    the construction of the North Wales prison, as well as local
    fracking-related targets.

  * *Workshops & Skillshares* – There will be abundant opportunities to
    learn, share, discuss and connect with other people.

  * *Building & Growing on the site* – Be part of installing gardens &
    low impact infrastructure at the community protection camp. Learn
    about permaculture, agroecology, forest gardening, mushroom growing,
    pallet construction, compost toilet making, off-grid electrics and more.


  * This camp has been organised to support the local community in
    Borras to resist fracking in their area (as well as working with
    other local anti-fracking groups & protection camps in the North
    West who have been resisting extreme energy developments for a
    number of years). To find out more about their struggle visit:

  * It has also been organised to give attention to the North Wales
    Prison Project that is being constructed. This will be Europe’s
    second largest prison holding 2100 prisoners and the first of a
    number of ‘mega prisons’ that the UK Government wish to build. Click
    here for more information about the prison, why we are against it &
    links to articles about the prison industrial complex in the UK

**How to get invo**lved:*

Click on the links below to find more practical information about the
camp and how to get involved:

  * Workshops & programme – what’s happening & how to contribute
  * Planning Actions
  * Directions & public transport information
  * What to bring
  * Safer Spaces Agreement
  * Accessibility of the site
  * Food & donations


This is a DIY camp and everyone is needed to get stuck in to make it
happen. People are needed to:

  * Support with publicity before the event – sharing the gathering
    online, putting posters up, encouraging your local group to get
    involved. People are also needed to help design the programme,
    respond to emails & plan facilitation.

  * Helping with site set up & building infrastructure (planning this in
    advance & being on site a few days before the gathering)

  * Signing up to a shift over the weekend to help with cooking, site
    set up & safety, being on the welcome tent & so forth

  * Supporting local groups to organise actions

If you can help with any of these tasks *please email
info at reclaimthefields.noflag.org.uk*

**Spread the word:*

  * Poster design
  * Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/560637597407933/


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