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Residents of Yorkley Court Community Farm would like to say a huge THANK
YOU for the support & solidarity received so far...

For the last two and a half years people have been occupying land at
Yorkley Court in Forest of Dean, with the aim of establishing a
sustainable community farm. The land ownership has been contested due to
a complex and unique scenario in the farm’s history.

On the 26th February, a judge granted a possession order to an un-liked
local millionaire property developer. A timeframe for eviction was given.

/The house has been taken over by Brian Bennet and the other areas of
the land are still being defended. /

Yorkley Court Community Farm has been (and still is) an inspiring
example of reclaim the fields, bringing to light issues & putting into
practice food sovereignty, agroecology, access to land, permaculture,
anarchism, collective living & more… It is a site of struggle that needs
your solidarity.

*What you can do:*

  * Get to the site on the *12th Marc**h* at midday. The date for the
    full eviction attempt.

  * *Donate* via this link. Funds are needed urgently:

  * *Visit & stay at Yorkley Court*. Every day is unpredictable. There
    are many practical jobs, from building to cooking, even just making
    cups of tea & listening is a very welcomed thing!

  * Participate in the *Activist Training Skill Share and Workshop
    Cam**p* that has been organised. Everyone with a passion to learn or
    a skill to share are welcome to join us, please email
    yorkleycourt at if you would like to offer a workshop.
    Confirmed workshops include:

      * Climbing and Rope work training - every day from 10am
      * Building skill share - every day all day
      * Legal Observer Training - Sunday 8th

  * Contribute something that is on the *wish list*:

      * Bedding
      * Tents
      * Tarps
      * Tin Food
      * Waterproof Boots
      * Climbing Equipment
      * Polly Prop rope
      * Candles
      * Cammo Net
      * Jerry Can
      * Sand+Gravel+Cement
      * People

  * *Spread the word about Yorkley Court Community Farm.* Encourage your
    friends & comrades to visit: 
    or like YorkleyCourtCF on facebook. Follow @yorkleycourt on twitter.
    Spread the infographic here:

  * *Promote this benefit gig* so that we can raise urgent funds:

*Information for people coming:*

  * Bring sensible clothes, sleeping stuff and tents.
  * If you need financial support to be able to visit please email
    yorkleycourt at - we really appreciate all visitors & will do
    our best to cover your costs if needed. 
  * You are welcome to interact with the emerging situations in anyway
    you feel comfortable (in terms of resisting eviction & securing the
    site). We reject problematic divisions of labour. All support is

*Contact Details:

Facebook: YorkleyCourtCF
Email: yorkleycourt at
Phone Number: 07522025889
Twitter: @yorkleycourt*

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