Constitutional Right to Land

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Mon Mar 30 13:30:17 BST 2015

The Institute of Public Affairs is currently running a project tocrowdsource a new constitution for the UK, where the public have been able to propose, and vote on, ideas for what a new constitution should include. Although it's likely that government will simply ignore what it comes up with, it is the first time anything quite like it has been tried, so the people taking part are hopeful it will attract attention for issues which are currently ignored.

The first phase of the project is coming to an end on Sunday when any 
idea with a negative vote will be dropped, while others will be 
discussed for another couple of weeks before a proposed constitution is 
drawn up in late April.

Among other things, I've proposed a Right to Land - which, unfortunately, currently has a vote of minus three! If anyone would like to try and get land rights on the mainstream political radar, all you have to do to vote is register and click.

Malcolm Ramsay
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