Meet fellow anti-frackers: Upton Community Protection Camp (Chester) Needs You!

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Sat Nov 21 19:04:28 GMT 2015

 As you may or not know Upton Community Protection Camp has been occupying a field earmarked as a fracking site for over a year and a half. Fracking company IGas Energy have been granted a possession order (effective from Dec 4th) and with a drilling deadline early next year, the company will be looking to get the site cleared and a rig on site as soon as possible. 
 Minister says he will have final say on Lancashire fracking plan
 Government accused of trying to impose fracking on communities after decision taken out of planning inspector’s hands

 The vast majority of the local community and the camp residents are strongly opposed to the drilling and have vowed to continue their fight despite the ruling to evict. A survey has shown 85% of the residents within 2km of the drill site do not want fracking in Upton. If allowed to proceed, IGas's exploration plans could lead to thousands for wells being drilled across Cheshire, and the rest of the UK.
 ***Solidarity Weekend: 28th & 29th November***
 The weekend has been called as a national day of solidarity, so numbers should be good. People will be building tree-houses, digging tunnels, making scaff-towers and all manner of other things including banner making and just hanging out at the camp with residents. You'll gain a bunch of interesting anti-eviction skills or get to share some you already have! What's not to like? Bring stuff to camp, keep warm and stay dry. 
 ***Stay Until The Eviction?***
 The exact date of the eviction is unknown, there could be delays beyond the 4th December. What is certain is that with larger numbers of people on site and more prep, costs and potential delays will spiral.
 ***Let us know***
 If you're keen let us know. We can help fund transport costs if a group of you are interested. Please forward this email (and attached posters) to all sympathetic networks, groups, lists etc.
 Love and Rage,
 Frack Off! x
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