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Sat Dec 10 15:23:41 GMT 2016

At GG HQ...

We're busy booking the first vital pieces of the 
festival jigsaw - our co-ordinators and venues - 
which together create the foundations for The Green Gathering's gorgeousness!

pic by Zoltan


Earlybirds are the same price as last year - £85 
- from 
Ticket Shop while stocks last.

Our SOLSTICE SPECIAL offer this year is a free 
information-packed 36 page festival programme. 
Buy your earlybird ticket now to qualify! *

Live-in vehicle passes sold out this year, so buy 
early to be sure of a space. Earlybird campervans (standard size) are £55.

Grab yours now at the 

Pls note: van/child/dog tickets may only be bought with an adult ticket


We're very pleased to announce that Soundscape 
Solar Stage will be back on the plateau in front 
of our atmospheric ruined manor house... The 99% 
Bar will return with tunes and attitude to the 
glade near the old stables... The Raconteurs' 
Delight with its fab steampunk-themed cocktail 
and temperance bar will serve up spoken word, 
song and cabaret to make you laugh and cry... The 
Glad Apple Bar will be bursting with local 
ciders, real vegan ale and acoustic musicians on 
the Village Green, and the Speakers' Forum will 
be bringing debate about burning issues to the 
heart of the festival, with speakers by day and a Reel News Cinema by night.

In the Campaigns Field we'll have Radical Wales, 
a Women's Tent, Queer Space, Cal's Garden and 
dozens of workshops and skillshares. Our much 
loved Craft Area is expanding to include more 
demonstrations and site art as well as talented 
craftsfolk running workshops for all ages. Our 
Healing Circle will continue to gently grow, 
offering workshops and chill out space as well as individual sessions.

Our Kids' Area is having a revamp, expect a 
combination of fresh ideas and old favourites!
The Mayflower Project Teens Tent will definitely be back, as will Envirolution.

Our regular, much appreciated Assisted Access, 
Box Office and Artist Liaison crews will be back 
in 2017 ... and that's just the beginning of 
bringing together the teams who'll do their best 
to ensure everyone has the best festival possible!

If you'd like to help out, get involved, trade or 
perform please check out how to apply 
on our 

If you can help us spread the word please email 
em at for digital and real copies of our flyers!

See you in the fields...


* Solstice Special: The first 30 people to buy 
tickets online between now and Dec 31st will 
receive an email code. With this code they will 
be able to claim a programme from our Info 
Exchange Tent on site (one free programme per order).

The Green Gathering is a festival and an education,
an interactive showcase of renewable energy and 
off grid solutions... all powered by wind, sun and people.

Authentically uncommercial and family friendly, 
our aim is to turn people on to low impact living.

GG is a festival beyond hedonism, for people who 
love the earth enough to want to celebrate it, 
and save it. It's a place to party - then wake up and put the world to rights!

There's live music, acoustic sessions, poetry 
slams, comedy, dance, storytelling, interactive 
art, kids and teens activities, permaculture, 
traditional healing, ancient wisdom and crafts, 
campaign stalls, and 100s of practical 
skillshares geared to sustainable futures.

The Green Gathering has a history entwined with 
the Green and Peace movements, Glastonbury 
Festival, Stonehenge and Climate Camp. The 
original solar-powered festival has been through 
ups and downs, grown big, been busted, and gone back to its roots...
& Future


The festival is produced by a Community Interest 
Company, and overseen by the Green Gathering 
Charity which aims to keep the spirit of the 
Gatherings true, while educating for 
sustainability and  empowering us to create a 
better future. 
GG Charity

The GG Charity will be hosting a members' 
skillshare camp in Spring - to find out more 
about that, or about the Charity itself and how 
to become a member, see the 
pages of our website.


GG has signed the Powerful Thinking Pledge to 
keep cutting our carbon footprint and assisting 
other festivals to do so too. 
out more.

We've also recently joined:




have each offered to donate to The Green 
Gathering if you switch to their renewably 
sourced power provision - at no extra cost to you. Go Green! Cheers.



Earlybird Tickets £85
Children 0-10yrs FREE
Youth (11-15) £55
Young Adult (16-17) £75






Copyright © 2016, Optimistic Trout Productions, All rights reserved.

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