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A Message From Those Denied A Voice In The Colombian Peace Process

The following is a message from the campesinos, 
workers, peasant farmers and indigenous of 
Colombia.  It is these people who have born the 
brunt of the brutal violence that has plagued the 
country for so long.   The campesinos make up 
nearly half of the Colombian population.  When 
we consider that barely a third of the population 
voted in the recent “peace” referendum, it 
should become obvious that the campesinos have 
been denied a voice in a "peace" process, a long 
bloody process which they have been paying the 
bill for, with the blood of themselves and their loved ones.

The Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, 
recently won the Nobel Peace Prize for the "peace 
deal" he has negotiated between the Colombian 
government and the heads of the FARC guerrilla 
movement. As is to be expected from a Nobel Prize 
winner, his supposed peace deal is a wolf in 
sheep's clothing, and only opens Colombia's doors 
to greater capitalist exploitation and western 
cultural influences, while allowing the slaughter 
and exploitation of the people and nature to continue.

In a recent referendum that asked the Colombian 
people if they want the peace deal or not, 30 
million Colombians did not participate, and of 
the 12 million that did, the No vote won. This 
goes to show that the Colombian people do not 
want this peace deal (Marxist-UN-Santos' false 
peace), or the other option offered of the No 
vote (ex warmongering president Uribe's 
paramilitaries and slaughter), and makes it clear 
that the peace deal is a bourgeois deal between 
elites, excluding the peoples' voice from the negotiations.

This message may seem strong and controversial, 
and even “prejudiced” according to the 
Western indoctrination of total liberalism to the 
point of rottenness and the Western hypocritical 
intolerant attitude of “tolerate 
everything”.  Specifically, with reference to 
the LGBT Community... we do not wish to spread or 
inculcate any intolerance - therefore, we also 
ask that all people have an open mind and 
exercise the same tolerance towards all people on 
the planet who have been denied a voice.  It 
must be taken into account that these 
“prejudices” towards LGBT are not unfounded 
and irrational, they are for a very specific 
treason that has happened to the poor and simple 
countryfolk, not only of Colombia but of all 
nations all over the world that continue to have 
their land and cultural inheritance robbed by the 
machinations of modernisation.  We ask you to 
suspend your Western conditioning and subtle 
brainwashing for a moment, and to step into the 
shoes of the poor and down-trodden farmers who 
grow your sugar, coffee and bananas... maybe, we 
do not know what is best for them.

Whilst the poor and down-trodden have struggled 
and fought for decades to be able to stand up, to 
have their say, to express their needs, they have 
also witnessed how other alternative factions of 
society have risen alongside their own causes, 
and they have witnessed with their own eyes how 
these alternative protest movements (the LGBT 
community) have not only infiltrated the social 
movements of popular uprising but have also 
steered these social movements into the very same 
globalised culture that the very grass-roots 
genuine fighters and revolutionaries have tried to move away from.

The campesinos and indigenous of Colombia have 
witnessed their own children come to despise 
their own ancestral heritage and be brainwashed 
into believing that a “free” future means 
that a man can be free to be a woman, and a woman 
can be free to be a man.  This foreign concept 
has created a whole social uprising that has 
risen alongside their own grass-roots 
movements.... and this pattern can be found all 
over the world in the alternative and anarchist 
circles and protest movements.  For the 
Colombian Campesino, these foreign beliefs have 
even over-shadowed their own sufferings and have 
come to dominate the shape of things to 
come.  Today, globalised Colombia speaks about 
“peace” and a “New World”, and a whole 
generation of youth, university students, 
academics, journalists, intellectuals have been 
rallied together into this “unified” camp of 
peace, all waving the LGBT rainbow coloured flags 
of peace... in the mean time, the indigenous' 
very own rainbow flag (known as the "whipala") is 
ignored and mocked, in its place the LGBT gay 
rainbow flag is flown, whilst the indigenous and 
campesinos themselves STILL get murdered, 
oppressed, beaten, displaced, all in the middle 
of this supposed "rainbow" peace.  As the saying 
goes, the biggest sufferings are unspoken, and 
the treason that the Colombian campesinos have 
witnessed from the LGBT community is beyond the 
words of many of them who do not know how to read or write.

The campesinos have seen their own people betray 
their cause, and the United Nation's LGBT agenda 
has been key to undoing and betraying their hope 
for a better future.  For the indigenous and 
campesinos of Colombia, their cultural 
inheritance has been betrayed by the LGBT 
community in the most crude and invasive 
way.  It is total hypocrisy for the United 
Nations and other NGOs to try and silence and 
"educate" these simple and true human beings into 
believing that their opinion is wrong, and that 
the LGBT are the ones who need to have their 
voices heard.  The reality on the ground is that 
the LGBT voice is being shouted from the 
roof-tops, whilst the campesinos and indigenous 
are being murdered and throttled in the 
back-streets.  According to this new UN 
morality, the voice of the campesinos should 
never be tolerated, whilst the LGBT voice must 
always be tolerated... this is total and sickening hypocrisy.

The following is the voice of the campesinos 
(peasant farmers) of Colombia, the workers, the 
indigenous and the poor who are truly valiant and 
human people. Let's make it clear though, that we 
aren't talking about a United Nations, 
university-minded, snobby "superior" kind of 
humanness that our inverted society values, an 
EU-style society that in the name of tolerance 
creates the most intolerant laws in which free 
speech and thought is not allowed, and in the 
name of diversity wants to wipe out all true 
cultural diversity and replace it with a culture 
of total LGTBI degeneration and Feminism. We are 
talking about real human values of true men and 
women, the true workers who work around the clock 
to fill our supermarkets with food, they are like 
the old lady in the temple who give their last 
two cents to the temple, and no one sees them or hear them... may God pay them.

And this is the trick ­ the infiltration of these 
European-Yankee vvalues ­ because the guerrilla 
fighter's leaders and left wing activvists have 
adopted these values of degeneration which is the 
reason why they are now betraying their people 
and handing the country over to the United 
Nations and the sexual degenerates who are our world leaders.

Please read on, the truth is important.

OFFICE OF THE FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia).

Colombian news report 2 Dec 2016: Metres away 
from Colombia's Presidential Office, a process is 
underway that for decades has fought for peace 
with social justice between the Revolutionary 
Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army 
(FARC-EP) and the National Government; sealing 
for the second time the signing of a deal that - 
while it may not be the peace itself, given it is 
only the beginning of the process - is the 
initiation of a great national chore towards a 
transition government, given that the regime and 
its clique are not freely going to give up the 
power and hand it over to the people, just like 
that. With the signing of the new deal this 24th 
of November in the Colon Theatre, Bogotá D.C; 
arranged between the National Government and the FARC-EP in Havana, Cuba...

PEOPLE, neither the marxist guerrillas nor the 
mercenary paramilitary government, the blood that 
has been shed by the valiant fighter MEN, will be 
sucked up by the gay vampires and feminist bats, 
that are parasitising in the guerrilla movements 
and are inspired in foreignising marxist 
philosophies alien to our reality, the same in 
the national army, police, politics and 
ultra-right-wing para-militarism, who do not know the national reality either.

“be it Yes, be it No, it's all the same to me, 
because Yes and No, my freedom don't reach, don't 
reach, don't reach”...(Facundo Cabral, 
Argentinian revolutionary people's singer)...

This whole thing of the yes and no is a trick, 
these guerrilla fighters have betrayed the 
people, they are cowards, they are scared of the 
paramilitaries (from who they are supposedly 
protecting the people), they are good at stealing 
defenceless peasant farmer's lands, but they shit 
themselves with fear when faced with Uribe's paramilitaries.

“I have two enemies, you see the sea has two 
ends, the man that steps on others and another 
who allows himself to be stepped on... Be it 
YES... Be it NO, it's all the same to me”...(Facundo...)

The great leader has died, the great hero Manuel 
Marulanda (original creator of the FARC), and now 
these armed groups of shameless thieves who steal 
from the people, from the campesinos, are selling 
out to the United Nations and the lesbian 
poofters, now they like to camp it up with the 
poofs from Havana, Mariela Castro and the degenerate cuban prostitutes...

Yes, the new guerrilla chiefs sexually flirt with 
the capitalist transnationals, with the faggots 
of “UN Women”, with the effeminate yankees, 
russians, chinese and cubans, who are all sold 
out. The cubans are not Bolivarian (followers of 
the teachings of Simon Bolivar, liberator and 
people's leader), they are nothing more than vile 
foreignising marxists, robbers of our culture.

Degenerate cubans, don't get involved with our 
fight, the ones who die are not Cuban, nor are 
they the gay poofs, and even less so the fat, 
ugly, vengeful, dirty feminists. It's us, the 
campesino men, the workmen and sack carriers, the 
labourers, the leaf harvesters, the 
shoeshiners... etc, it's us who are killed. We 
are indignant with you guerrillas, traitors of 
the people, that's what happens to you for being 
vile marxists and for not being true Bolivarian patriots.

We vote for NOT giving in with the bolivarian 
fight and that the feminist pseudo-guerrillas 
that gave in to the UN, give their arms back to 
the people and not to the enemy (the UN is the 
"overseer of the peace process, and the arms that 
the guerrillas give in go to the UN security council).

You'll see what awaits you from the lying 
government, what awaits the cowardly traitors 
that threw in the towel just because they're a 
load of feminists without testosterone, 
effeminate and smeared with make up. History and 
the blood that will continue to be shed night and 
day will judge you with severity.

Don't you see that this is a capitalist game of 
Santos, Uribe, Castro, Clinton, Obama, Israel, Europe and the UN?

Are those mollycoddled university people of the 
FARC's secretary office so blind?

And the campesino guerrilla fighters, true 
soldiers of the people, will they be surrounded and killed with impunity?

And will the ever avoided complaints of the people continue to be unsolved?

THE PARAMILITARIES, in the middle of “times of 
impunity, under the orders of Santos-Uribe and 
the feminist-gays, both partners that have 
defeated the university people of the pseudo-FARC... pseudo-People's Army.

“The weak and the botched shall perish: first 
principle of our charity. And one should help them to it.” (Nietzsche)

Only the people, only the campesinos, only the 
workers, only the men with testosterone are truly 
valiant... But never the blood sucking mosquitoes 
and VAMPIRES, the cowardly and treasonous 
marxist-feminists from the universities.


U.P.F.I.C. Has replied.
Sorry for saying the truth in a world of lies.

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