People's political rights and sovereignty after the Brexit ballot. Easy but effective ways to improve our democracy

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People's political rights and sovereignty after the Brexit ballot. Easy 
but effective ways to improve our democracy*

Many voted for Brexit in order to "take back control" of our country 
from faceless bureaucrats in Brussels. But did we ever stop to think 
about what control WE  46 million plus voters, citizens have over 
parliament and the politicians we elect to "work for us"?

It is accepted that the elected parliament can supervise and over-rule 
all bodies, companies, plus all other entities and persons in the state.

This is the meaning of "parliamentary sovereignty".

With "parliamentary sovereignty" the parliament can apply the power of 
the people to control and manage public affairs.

However if the people wish to select and decide on any public issue, 
exercising their "direct" political rights, then they are entitled to do 

Methods which enable an electorate to apply these direct political 
rights include the people's law proposition which can lead to a 
law-making referendum and the citizen-launched veto-referendum which can 
be used to block bad or unwanted government or parliamentary actions or 

For the future of our democracy, for constitution building and also as a 
way to resolve some uncertainties in the Brexit drama, we should 
urgently consider introducing best possible, modern democracy (see e.g. 
Swiss and other regulations and Constitutions about political rights).

Regarding Brexit: Serious commentators have suggested that a second EU 
referendum should be held, to allow the people of the UK, this time 
having knowledge of terms and conditions negotiated with the EU and 
better informed about the whole issue, to consider whether we should 
leave or decide to remain in the European Union.

A referendum desired and launched by a large part of the electorate 
would have more weight and democratic legitimacy than a "plebiscite" 
like the Brexit ballot which was in effect imposed by the Conservative 
government, as a way to solve its own internal feud and to fend off the 
election threat posed by UKIP.

Dr. Michael

Campaign for direct democracy in Britain
Citizens' Initiative and Referendum I&R ~ GB
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