Chinese Central Bank Clobbers All UK Students By Raising Rents & Tuition Fees

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Chinese Central Bank Clobbers All UK Students By Raising Rents & Tuition Fees

video reveals how the 
proposed University Laws have been drafted to 
suit the 
Bank of China ­ also known as 
Central Bank ­  the world’s second largest financial institution.

UCL Rent Strike

I was first told this story last month by David 
Dahlborn, a history student at University College 
London (UCL). He is the Student Housing officer at UCL.
Dahlborn informed me that students in London are 
being systematically overcharged for University accommodation.
Rent Strike Campaign have discovered the 
doorbetween their University and its largest 
private accommodation provider ­ 


Last year 
Estates Office appointed 
Palmer the ex-Managing Director of UPP’s 
Residential Services as their Head of Student Accomodation.
The wording on Palmer’s 
profile is consistent with the revolving door 
theory as it says he only has an interim role at UCL.
The general feeling is that Palmer is going to 
hand over as much of UCL’s housing stock to his 
former colleagues at UPP as he can ­ before returning there himself.
UCL have been asked via 
of Information (FOI) request to supply details of 
all correspondence between Palmer and UPP but 
there is no guarantee they will co-operate.
The Rent Strike have not yet attempted to monitor 
Palmer’s employment contract with UCL.
David Dahlborn showed me 
UPP’s accounts that their major shareholders are 
a Dutch Pension Fund 
the Chinese Central Bank.

Chinese Central Bank

Street Journal piece shows the Chinese Central 
Bank have recently been taking quite an interest in Britain.
Further googling told us that UPP sponsor the 
Education Commission which lobbies government to 
raise tuition fees and increase the size of student loans.
In December 2015 UPP released their 
Hard Play Hard report 
And surely enough in the Queen’s Speech, Student 
Experience is used to justify rampant 
marketisation of the University Sector as the UK 
positions itself as a Global Academic Supermarket.
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