Veto Referendum as alternative to 2nd chamber of parliament

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_Call for second chamber at Holyrood. Direct democracy VETO would be better!


*Citizens' Veto Referendum as alternative to 2nd chamber of parliament**_
The purpose of a second chamber of parliament is presumably to check the 
quality of parliament's law making and so to  improve representation of 
the people. An alternative or additional way to do these things is to 
enable the electorate to take part in the scrutiny and supervision. How? 
Introduce the option of holding a citizen-instigated veto referendum on 
government policy and parliamentary law.

The election of members of parliament is based on a wide range of policy 
ideas and promises, some matters have never been mentioned prior to 
elections, new events and challenges often crop up. The behaviour of 
political parties and actors once in power may vary widely from the will 
of the electorate.

How does this optional veto referendum work? A large number of voters, 
within a rather short defined time limit, must endorse a proposal to 
hold a ballot on a law which has just been passed by Parliament. The 
number required is debatable, it could be, say, one in a hundred voters. 
Endorsements could be collected by smart 'phone and internet. If the 
veto proposal succeeds then a ballot on the law in question must be held 
within a reasonable time period, say six months.

* Herald Scotland 9 3 2016 
"Holyrood's presiding officer has given her backing 'in principle' to 
the creation of a second chamber at the Scottish Parliament. Tricia 
Marwick, who is standing down in May, said the chamber should be used to 
revise legislation. .... The chamber would act in the same way as the 
House of Lords does at Westminster. The Scottish Parliament's committee 
currently carry out the functions of a second chamber but critics claim 
the system is not 'sufficiently robust'."

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