Moltex Energy's Stable Salt Reactor vs HPC / EDF China nuclear power

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>tidal vs nuclear power cost calculations
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>Hi Tony
>I might be able to contribute something useful 
>here. I got Innovate UK funding for a 
>feasibility study for a UK molten salt reactor. 
>Our MSR Review Study (see 
>) was released in July 2015. It included a 
>recommendation that Moltex Energy's Stable Salt 
>is the best option for UK Â development.
>Â  Â I am not one of their team but very well informed about their activities.
>Â  Â I am very ready to make a brief 
>contribution in terms of their current business 
>prospects and of the game-changing nature of 
>innovations in fission reactor technology. I 
>suppose I would need some sort of invitation from you?
>Jasper Tomlinson MA(Oxon) CEnv MCIWEM AMIMechE
>185 New Kent Road SE1 4AG
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>Subject: FW: [Diggers350] Bristol Channel tidal 
>vs nuclear power cost calculations
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>Have you any inclination to join this debate and 
>talk about the work you have been doing?
>Best wishes,
>Steve Lancashire
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>020 7703 1389
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>vs nuclear power cost calculations
>Thanks Tony
>I ran your summary past a friend of mine who 
>specialises in energy and finance. She responded:
>I think HPC is an expensive mistake...I have no 
>confidence it can be delivered and given the 
>delays there are better alternatives (5 years go 
>it would have been a different story, except for the technical issue).
>On tidal...I think barrages across 
>rivers/estuaries probably won't fly due to the 
>environmental impact...these tend to be 
>ecologically sensitive areas. Lagoons probably 
>have more legs, particularly if they can be 
>turned into leisure destinations as well eg the Swansea project.
>I wrote a bout tidal energy a while ago, here: 
>On 07/11/16 01:08, Tony Gosling <mailto:tony at>
>[Diggers350] wrote:
>>OKAY. Here's the figures -
>>Bristol Channel tidal vs nuclear power cost 
>>calculations from last week's show with Paul Mobbs
>>- MeyGen Pentland new Scottish tidal power s
>>cheme: cost £1.6bn, 384MWe = 400 turbines at £4m (0.96MWe) each.
>>- Hinkley C EPR (PWR) nuclear reactor: cost 
>>£37bn = 2560MWe. (insurance and dealing with 
>>nuclear waste not included, paid for by taxpayers)
>>- Bristol Channel tidal power scheme, 
>>approximate cost £10.7bn: 2560MWe = 2,667 turbines at £4m (0.96MWe) each

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