[Diggers350] Bristol Channel tidal vs nuclear power cost calculations

Ram Selva seeds at snail.org.uk
Mon Nov 7 19:18:45 GMT 2016

The total social cost of nuclear fuel, which doesn't grow on apple 
trees, is war and misery in far away lands.

Even in these far away lands uranium isn't harvested from coffee plants 
and the environmental cost, under current models of armed extraction, is 

- Ram

On 07-11-2016 01:08, Tony Gosling tony at cultureshop.org.uk [Diggers350] 
> OKAY. Here's the figures -
> Bristol Channel tidal vs nuclear power cost calculations from last
> week's show with Paul Mobbs
> - MeyGen Pentland new Scottish tidal power scheme: cost £1.6bn, 384MWe
> = 400 turbines at £4m (0.96MWe) each.
> - Hinkley C EPR (PWR) nuclear reactor: cost £37bn = 2560MWe.
> (insurance and dealing with nuclear waste not included, paid for by
> taxpayers)
> - Bristol Channel tidal power scheme, approximate cost £10.7bn:
> 2560MWe = 2,667 turbines at £4m (0.96MWe) each
> https://politicsthisweek.wordpress.com/2016/10/28/bcfms-weekly-politics-show-presented-by-tony-gosling-53/

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