Native American studies prof. & 'Earth into Property' author bullied out over 9/11

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Mon Oct 10 19:51:12 BST 2016

Lethbridge professor accused of anti-Semitism suspended
Tenured professor denies responsibility for 
anti-Semitic post on his Facebook page
A professor alleged to be promoting conspiracy 
theories and denying the Holocaust has been 
suspended without pay by the University of Lethbridge.
Anthony Hall is suspended pending the outcome of 
an internal investigation into possible 
violations of the Human Rights Act, university officials said in a statement.
B'nai Brith Canada called for Hall's termination 
after questions about an anti-Semitic Facebook 
post made on his page by a third party. The group 
also alleges the professor uses his academic 
credentials to deny the Holocaust and promote various conspiracy theories.
The university has "reassigned" his classes, 
according to the statement released Thursday.
"As well, any graduate students supervised by Dr. 
Hall have been assigned a new faculty supervisor 
to ensure there is no disruption to the academic 
program of students. Students affected by this 
decision have been notified of this change already."
B'nai Brith wants Lethbridge professor fired for 
allegedly anti-Semitic conspiracy theories
Lethbridge professor accused of anti-Semitism alleges smear campaign
Earlier this week, Hall said there is a smear campaign against him.
"I'm being slandered, the University of 
Lethbridge is being slandered," Hall told CBC Radio's Calgary Eyeopener.
"Right now, it's on my shoulders to defend the 
University of Lethbridge and to defend for all 
the faculty in Canada, the principle of academic 
freedom, because that responsibility has been 
abandoned by the administration at my university 
and it's been left for me and it's appropriate that I do so."
Hall co-hosts a YouTube show called "False Flag 
Weekly News," which allegedly promotes the notion 
of a Zionist conspiracy to foster hatred of 
Muslims through "false flag" terror events, 
beginning with the Sept. 11 attacks. He also runs his own news website.

Earth into Property: Colonization, 
Decolonization, and Capitalism: 2 (McGill-Queen's 
Native & Northern Series) (McGill-Queen's Native 
and Northern Series) Paperback – 25 Jan 2011
  by Prof. Anthony J. Hall (Author) - from £20.00

Earth into Property: The Bowl with One Spoon, 
Part Two explores the relationship between the 
dispossession of Indigenous peoples and the 
making of global capitalism. Beginning with 
Christopher Columbus's inception of a New World 
Order in 1492, Anthony Hall draws on a massive 
body of original research to produce a narrative 
that is audacious, encyclopedic, and 
transformative in the new light it sheds on the 
complex historical processes that converged in 
the financial debacle of 2008 and 2009.


Call to Action, before it's too late.

Readers, get this vital book for your library, 
for your future, for your children, for your Member of Parliament, for
your Congressman/Senator/President.

You have never read North American history from 
this panoramic perspective. Here is a call to 
humanity... "Get active or get Radio-active".

The book is too heavy to read in bed; you need to 
study it at the kitchen table. Then shout a 
wake-up call to politicians on all sides.

Weeks will pass as you absorb this encyclopedic 
history viewed through the eyes of a former 
Native American studies professor, now
professor of Globalization based in Blackfoot Country, Alberta.

Our future is grim if we allow the secret rulers 
to continue expanding criminal aggression through corporate manipulated greed.

Since 1492 the settlers in the New World have 
acquired the property of other landowners, 
sweeping across the planet through the Americas
to Asia, into the Middle East, Hawaii and Africa; 
they want it all. The great sucking sound of 
territorial acquisition seems endless;
democracy has been sucked up. Social justice has 
been destroyed by corporate greed starting with 
the theft of Native American land.

Globalization, corporate fascism, banker fraud, 
the biggest theft in history added to the
creation of the global war on terror, the war on 
drugs, endless wars for oil and resources, global pollution,
depleted uranium used liberally polluting us all, 
new wars for democracy abroad, while democracy has been extinguished
at home all add up to a bleak future for 
humanity. And Dr. Hall rejects the official 9/11, 
2001 conspiracy theory foisted on the world.
The attacks on New York and the Pentagon were 
designed to justify and expand the grab for 
wealth, energy and resources worldwide.

Dr. Hall compares the treatment of indigenous 
peoples by Canadian and US authorities; neither 
government emerges with glowing pride.
You will read details of US, British Columbian 
and Canadian development of former Indian lands; 
you will find information not taught in school.
The attack goes on; Canada now runs with the big 
boys; our uranium (depleted) falls on brown people in the Middle East.

Every school library needs this history; every 
student needs this information; well done Dr. Hall.
Brace yourself; the damage done by the Evil 
Empire (with Canadian help) has a half life of 4.5 billion years. 
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"Capitalism is institutionalised bribery."

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which 
alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung

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