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>BOOK NOW for a conference celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Lucas Plan!
>Veteran trade unionists and younger activists 
>see Nobel prize-nominated plan as inspiration for the future
>Leading figures from the left, trade union, 
>environmental and peace movements are coming 
>together at a conference on November 26th with a 
>fresh perspective on tackling current crises, 
>using the ideas of socially useful production 
>pioneered in the Lucas Plan. The Plan, produced 
>by workers at the Lucas Aerospace arms company, 
>showed how jobs could be saved by converting to 
>make products that answer a social need, rather 
>than weapons. To book for the conference, visit 
>or the notes below for more information on the Lucas Plan.
>The conference will focus on 5 key themes:
>    * The Lucas Plan and socially useful production.
>    * Arms conversion and peace.
>    * Climate change and a socially just transition to sustainability.
>    * The threat to skills and livelihoods from automation.
>    * Local/community economic and industrial planning.
>Linking all these issues is the need to rethink 
>how we can produce what people and society 
>actually need and overcome corporate domination 
>through their control of technology.
>Highlights of the conference will include:
>    * Talks by Phil Asquith, Brian Salisbury and 
> Mick Cooney (Lucas Aerospace Shop Stewards Combine).
>    * Screening of a new film on the Lucas Plan by Steve Sprung.
>    * Contributions from: Chris Baugh (PCS), 
> Suzanne Jeffery (Million Climate Jobs 
> Campaign), Hilary Wainwright (Red Pepper), John 
> McDonnell (tbc), Natalie Bennett and Molly 
> Scott-Cato (Green Party), Romayne Phoenix 
> (People’s Assembly Against Austerity), Mary 
> Pearson (Birmingham Trades Council), Jim Wyke 
> (Young Scots for Independence), Philippa Hands 
> (Unison), Stuart Parkinson (Scientists for 
> Global Responsibility), Dave Elliott (Open 
> University), Dave King (Breaking the Frame), 
> Tom Woolley (Rachel Bevan Architects), Simon 
> Fairlie (The Land magazine), Karen Leach 
> (Localise West Midlands), plus more speakers to be announced.
>The conference on the Lucas Plan 40th 
>anniversary will be held at Birmingham Voluntary 
>Service Council (138 Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 
>6DR) on November 26, 2016. See 
>The conference is being organised and sponsored 
>by: former members of the Lucas Aerospace Shop 
>Stewards Combine, Breaking the Frame, PCS, UCU, 
>Million Climate Jobs Campaign, Green Party, 
>Scientists for Global Responsibility, Campaign 
>Against Arms Trade, and Red Pepper.
>Tickets are £10/£5 concessions: To book for the 
>conference, visit 
>For more information, email 
><mailto:info at>info at
>BACKGROUND INFO: The Lucas Aerospace Shop 
>Stewards Combine’s Alternative Corporate Plan 
>(‘The Lucas Plan’) was launched in 1976 and 
>became famous worldwide, sparking an 
>international movement for socially useful 
>production and workers’ plans. Facing the threat 
>of redundancies, the Combine collected 150 ideas 
>from shop floor workers about alternative 
>socially useful products that could be produced 
>by the company, instead of relying on military 
>orders. Many of the innovations in the plan, 
>such as hybrid car engines, heat pumps and wind 
>turbines were commercially viable and are now in 
>widespread use. Although the Alternative Plan 
>was rejected by Lucas Aerospace managers, it was 
>instrumental in protecting jobs at Lucas in the 
>1970s. The Combine was nominated for the Nobel 
>Peace Prize in 1979 and Mike Cooley received the 
>Right Livelihood Award in 1982. More information 
>about the Plan, including the 53-page summary of 
>the five 200 page volumes, can be found on the 
>conference website, <>
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