MP "still concerned" over Land Registry privatisation plans

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MP "still concerned" over Land Registry privatisation plans
MP "still concerned" over Land Registry privatisation plans
12th October 2016
A DORSET MP has said he is “still concerned” 
despite plans for the privatisation of the Land 
Registry not being part of a government bill “now or at a later date”.
Plans were being discussed to privatise the 
service which employs 200 people in Weymouth, 
leaving them waiting while a decision is made.
The proposal to sell it off was due to be 
included in the Neighbourhood Planning Bill but was not included.
South Dorset 
Richard Drax has long been concerned of the plans 
and the potential effect it could have in Weymouth.
In a recent debate on the bill, Mr Drax asked the 
Secretary of State for Communities and Local 
Government, Sajid Javid, to confirm that plans to 
privatise the Land Registry has been “in effect, kicked in to the long grass.”
The privatisation was part of the bill outlined 
during the Queen’s Speech in May, 2016.
Mr Drax asked Mr Javid: “Has the privatisation of 
the Land Registry gone? Could it be brought back? 
Where are the Government on the issue?”
Mr Javid confirmed that the plans would not form 
part of the bill now or at a later date, adding 
that a decision “would be for the government to make in the future”.
Mr Drax said: “I am still concerned. 200 skilled, 
professional jobs are provided by the Land 
Registry in Weymouth alone, 4,000 in the entire country.
“These jobs will be at risk if the Land Registry 
is sold off. And with the amount of training 
needed, they could well be irreplaceable, too. 
This is not a service which will be improved by 
privatisation; indeed private ownership could 
well undermine the integrity of the whole database.
“At present the Land Registry is rigorously 
maintained under strict checks and balances and 
any member of the public can examine it. If a 
profit motive is introduced, private companies 
will own information, which should be free and accessible to all.
“The land registry underpins our housing and 
property market, a cornerstone of our economy, 
and we should do nothing to put its integrity at risk.
“In addition, at the proposed price of £1 
billion, the value to the government of a sell 
off is paltry and could be recouped in just ten 
years of normal Land Registry activity.
“I understand that new ministers have decided 
they need time to examine the sell-off proposals 
before they make a decision. I shall continue to 
press them to keep this valuable entity in public hands.”
So much emphasis is placed on select Jewish 
participation in Bormann companies that when 
Adolf Eichmann was seized and taken to Tel Aviv 
to stand trial, it produced a shock wave in the 
Jewish and German communities of Buenos Aires. 
Jewish leaders informed the Israeli authorities 
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well as by all those whose prosperity depends on his well-being.
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