Neighbours form human chain around Bristol home to stop eviction

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Fri Sep 23 12:04:03 BST 2016

Neighbours form human chain around a mum's house to stop eviction 


<>Simon Robb for Thursday 22 Sep 2016 2:21 pm
A woman facing 'revenge eviction' has been given a lifeline after her 
neighbours gathered to form a human chain around her home.
Nimo Abdullahi, 39, claimed her landlord tried to kick her and her 
five children out of their home after she complained about the rising damp.
But neighbours and campaigners turned out in force to stop bailiffs 
from forcing the family out of their home in Easton, Bristol.
A newlywed couple living opposite even cut up their wedding cake for 
all the protesters.
When the bailiffs arrived on Tuesday morning, they were unable to get 
past the 30 protesters who stood strong.
Nimo claimed the landlord tried to evict them numerous times before 
and even threatened to get the police to do the job.
She said: 'It has a big problem with damp. This is bad for us, 
because my children have asthma and it is not a good place.
'Until recently, the carpets everywhere were very old and dirty and 
we would ask the landlord to improve things, but he was difficult.
'Many times I asked him, and a lot of times he would threaten us.'
Neighbour Jenny Ross said: 'We don't want people in our community 
treated like this. It's a revenge eviction and people deserve decent 
rented accommodations.'
Another neighbour, Kirsten Parton, added: 'I'm here because of the 
way she's been treated by her landlord, it is simply not on.
'She and her family are part of the community and have been here for 
quite some time.'
Nimo is being helped by Acorn, a local grass roots movement which 
fights for renters' rights.
Efforts have been made to get in touch with the landlord. If you are 
the landlord in question, please email simon.robb at  
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