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About a year ago,  I was trying to excite some interest on this list about the development of a national food policy - because it would potentially be a consulted, formulated document of aims that if carried forward would entail positive change in many areas. I though this could be especially useful at a time when there is a pretty blank slate in front of us, which big business will be ready to take over if we are not.

The idea had had a lot of discussion at a food sovereignty gathering in Hebden Bridge in Nov 2015, and was subsequently developed by a team. There was a web-based invitation for anyone to run workshops, according to a framework and to upload what came from them. I facilitated 3 workshops in London, and submitted the input. 

Now the policy has been produced  as a 53 page doc.

I think it is a pity that 'national food policy' got changed to 'people's food policy', as I think that's a surrender of potential power - but that's the way it is.

The document has already been widely endorsed.

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