Corbyn, Momentum, and more allegations of an 'Entryist Plot' from Watson

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Corbyn, Momentum, and more allegations of an 'Entryist Plot' from Watson

 The Guardian has really excelled itself this weekend. Giving another platform to Tom Watson, in order to enable him to attack Momentum for formenting an alleged 'hard left' plot to seize permanent control of the Labour Party, whilst at the same time giving those who it claims are at the centre of this apparent conspiracy no chance whatseover to answer the charges he and the newspaper have been making against them. I say alleged, because the actual 'evidence' of the supposed 'plot' unmasked by the paper's sister publication, 'The Observer', earlier today, doesn't actually appear to be anything of the sort. 

 Indeed, the embedded sound recording which currently adorns the Guardian website suggests that it is little more than an attempt to ensure that when Jeremy Corbyn eventually steps down as leader of the Opposition, members of the Labour Party are able to engage in a fair and democratic election, in which candidates who 'have enormous support among the membership can get onto the ballot paper', so that their grass roots supporters can actually vote for them. During the course of the recording, Jon Lansman, who is the present focus of the Guardian's latest attack on the Corbyn leadership, stresses throughout that the entire plan is about winning votes on crucial motions to ensure that the rank and file of ordinary Party members have their views properly represented. Hardly a plot or an 'Entryist' Coup by any reasonable standard one would have thought. But then again, we are dealing with the Guardian here, where things do not always appear to be as they seem.

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