7000 Zad Paris occupiers under attack

Tony Gosling tony at cultureshop.org.uk
Tue Apr 24 23:39:05 BST 2018

French Police Use Tear Gas, Water Cannons against Thousands of 
Eco-Activism Protesters


French Police Use Tear Gas, Water Cannons against Thousands of 
Eco-Activism Protesters


TEHRAN (FNA)- Activists clashed with police for a sixth day in Western 
France. Law enforcement officials used tear gas and water cannons 
against crowds protesting the demolition of their 'eco-camp' on the site 
of an abandoned airport.

The demonstration drew nearly 7,000 people in support of occupants of 
the ZAD (French abbreviation for ‘Zone to Defend’) anarchist commune, 
according to France 24.

The rally erupted into open confrontation after the protesters, holding 
banners reading ‘Stop violence’, attempted to storm barricades erected 
by law enforcement officials.

Riot police fired tear gas in response to rocks and stun grenades being 
thrown at them. The windows of several shops were smashed and trash bins 
were set on fire.

Twelve protesters were arrested and nine police officers wounded, 
Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said in a statement, denouncing what he 
described as “unspeakable violence.”

“Since the beginning of the week, at least 148 people have been taken 
care of,” including those who suffered injuries from stun grenades or 
developed neurological disorders (vertigo, headaches), according to a 
medical team set up at the activists’ camp.

Around 2,500 enforcement officials were mobilized for evictions in 
Notre-Dame-des-Landes, 20km from Nantes, on Monday.

Up to several hundred activists occupied the 1,650-hectare site, once 
reserved for a proposed airport, calling it their ‘Zone a Defendre.’

Environmental activists have actively protested against the construction 
of the airport in Notre-Dame-des-Landes since 2008.

Throughout the week, Molotov cocktails and stun grenades were hurled 
through clouds of tear gas as Zadists clashed with police.

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The biggest land occupation in europe still under attack.

Background of leading up to the current evictions and attacks


english twitter https://twitter.com/zad_nddl?lang=en 
main pages


Existing audio in age of recording order




(requires a minor intro and outro edit)

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