17Jul - 20 Aug - 2019 UK radical summer gathering season underway

Tony Gosling tony at cultureshop.org.uk
Fri Jul 19 12:33:24 BST 2019

Radical summer gatherings get underway

News, Jul 17th
Kicking off with the Fast Forward Festival, 
people hoping to get involved with different 
politics, build up alternative ways of living and 
fight for the climate with direct action have a 
full two months of political festivals ahead.


Fast Forward

organised by Plan C
July 19th-21st
Thornbridge Estate, Derbyshire

With just a couple of days to go the festival of 
political thinking is pretty full and booking has 
ended, but there’s still the possibility of day 
tickets and you might get lucky if you send in 
with a particularly charming ask.

The big get-together for Plan C, an 
group with “clusters” in several major cities, 
Fast Forward is a family-friendly camp over three 
days with dozens of workshops, arts and space for kids.

Red feminism has a particular place at this 
year’s get-together, covering topics from 
reproductive justice and bodily autonomy, through 
a look at Women’s Strike 2019, far-right hatred 
of women’s bodies and decriminalising sex work.

Ecology, collectivity and how/when/if to engage 
with State structures are also on the slate for 
talks, and in the evenings there will be music and partying galore.


Power Beyond Borders

organised by Reclaim The Power
July 26th-31st
South-East England
from the Special Patrol Group

This direct action-oriented gathering is standing 
up against new gas powered power stations and for 
migrants against the Hostile Environment. The 
family-friendly space will have plenty of kids’ 
activities, workshops, trainings and 
entertainment. It’s more of a pitch-in 
philosophy, and everyone is encouraged to help 
with things like putting up tents, cleaning and 
general site maintenance. Entry is by donation 
and various buses are heading up from London, 
Brighton, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Norwich, Edinburgh 

A full programme for the five days has recently 
up at their website, starting with an evening 
plenary on fossil fuel monster Drax and featuring 
some great sessions on running effective direct 
actions. The focus of this festival tends to be 
on ground floor non-violent direct action for the 
environment, but also has a wider remit which 
sees workshops taking place about a broad range 
of topics from prison abolition to Rojava solidarity.


RR Summer Gathering

Organised by Radical Routes
August 9th-11th
Wild Peak Housing Co-op near Belper, Derbyshire

The long-running network’s summer meet is the 
most focused of the summer gatherings, as it aims 
primarily at helping people and groups to set up 
their own radical housing co-operatives.

The three-day event can be quite intensive for 
newcomers, as it involves a lot of catching up on 
the events of the last six months, organising of 
the network itself, strategising and in some 
cases, working through the nitty gritty of home loans.

That being so, it’s generally recommended that if 
you’re going, make sure you have a clear idea of 
what you want to get out of the event, and 
ideally talk to some of the many 
housing co-op people about what it can offer (the 
answer is a lot, as there’s a huge amount of 
expertise and support available, but only if you’re serious).

As with Reclaim The Power, Radical Routes runs a 
pitch-in mentality, so tidying up after yourself 
and generally mucking in is strongly encouraged.


EF! Summer Gathering

Earth First!
August 14th-20th
North-East England

While it was only established in Britain in 1990, 
the first ever iteration of this direct-action 
green network was in 1979, making this the 40th anniversary of its founding.

Across six days, the Summer Gathering (one of two 
events alongside the Winter Moot) will involve 
“six days of skill-sharing for grassroots 
ecological direct action and animal rights – make 
links, share ideas, and get involved in the 
struggles against fracking, coal, nuclear, new 
roads and more. This year’s gathering will take 
place in solidarity with anti-coal resistance in 
the north-east – with some fun stuff happpening after the weekend.”

More than 100 workshops will be taking place 
throughout the week, and it will be camping at a 
rural site with the classic “everyone is crew” 
ethos so like the 
<https://woodcraft.org.uk//>Woodcraft Folk (as 
opposed to the less progressively-minded scouts), be prepared.


Earth First Summer Gathering 2019


14-20 August, North East England

6 days of skill-sharing for grassroots ecological 
direct action and animal rights – make links, 
share ideas, and get involved in the struggles 
against fracking, coal, nuclear, new roads and 
more. This year’s gathering will take place in 
solidarity with anti-coal resistance in the 
north-east – with some fun stuff happpening after the weekend!

Tell your comrades, bring your friends!

Earth First! is based on principles of 
non-hierarchical organisation and direct action 
to stop the destruction of the Earth and its inhabitants

The summer gathering is a chance for people and 
groups from across the country to network, share 
practical skills, ideas and inspirations – it’s 
friendly and inclusive so no worries if you don’t 
know anyone; you will soon meet people in 
workshops and at meal times which are made vegan and collectively.

The gathering includes a programme of workshops 
that will be uploaded closer to the date, with 
over 100 workshops in total – some more 
‘hands-on’, some more theoretical (and everything 
in-between). We’ll also have a kids workshop schedule, kids kitchen and more!

What To Bring

The Gathering will be camping at a rural site 
(accessible by public transport) so you’ll need 
to bring a tent, sleeping bag, torch and 
suchlike. Meals are provided by the Gathering’s 
collective kitchen and there’ll be a snack shop. 
Everyone is crew, so the site, including toilets 
and running water, will be run by us all. 
Remember to bring your instrument if you want to 
play during the acoustic open mic.


For more information on the gathering, offers of 
help etc., please e-mail 
<mailto:summergathering at earthfirst.org.uk>summergathering at earthfirst.org.uk
For practical site issues please e-mail 
<mailto:site at earthfirstgathering.org>site at earthfirstgathering.org
For workshop enquiries, please e-mail 
<mailto:workshops at earthfirstgathering.org>workshops at earthfirstgathering.org
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'From South America, where payment must be made with subtlety, the 
Bormann organization has made a substantial contribution. It has 
drawn many of the brightest Jewish businessmen into a participatory 
role in the development of many of its corporations, and many of 
these Jews share their prosperity most generously with Israel. If 
their proposals are sound, they are even provided with a specially 
dispensed venture capital fund. I spoke with one Jewish businessmen 
in Hartford, Connecticut. He had arrived there quite unknown several 
years before our conversation, but with Bormann money as his 
leverage. Today he is more than a millionaire, a quiet leader in the 
community with a certain share of his profits earmarked as always for 
his venture capital benefactors. This has taken place in many other 
instances across America and demonstrates how Bormann's people 
operate in the contemporary commercial world, in contrast to the 
fanciful nonsense with which Nazis are described in so much "literature."

So much emphasis is placed on select Jewish participation in Bormann 
companies that when Adolf Eichmann was seized and taken to Tel Aviv 
to stand trial, it produced a shock wave in the Jewish and German 
communities of Buenos Aires. Jewish leaders informed the Israeli 
authorities in no uncertain terms that this must never happen again 
because a repetition would permanently rupture relations with the 
Germans of Latin America, as well as with the Bormann organization, 
and cut off the flow of Jewish money to Israel. It never happened 
again, and the pursuit of Bormann quieted down at the request of 
these Jewish leaders. He is residing in an Argentinian safe haven, 
protected by the most efficient German infrastructure in history as 
well as by all those whose prosperity depends on his well-being.'


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