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>Homes for All Campaign Update, July 2019
>The next open organising meeting is on Saturday 
>20th July, 11am–1pm at Unite the Union, 33-37 
>Moreland St, London EC1V 8BB.  All welcome.  Items for discussion will include:
>·         Updates and reports from local campaigns.
>·         Opposing Housing Association 
>sell-offs.  Since our last meeting, Jeremy 
>Corbyn has issued the following statement: “I am 
>completely opposed to housing associations 
>selling off properties that are needed to house 
>families in our borough when thousands of 
>families need a home. We desperately need more 
>social housing in our borough and selling off 
>properties will not solve the housing crisis. 
>Labour will address the housing crisis by 
>building council homes for social rent, 
>delivering one million genuinely affordable homes.”
>·         Fighting for safe homes (FBU petition etc.)
>·         Campaign against Universal Credit.
>·         Preparing for Labour and Conservative Party conferences.
>·         UNISON celebrating 100 years of council housing.
>In addition to our usual agenda and after a 
>half-hour break (food provided) Stuart Hodkinson 
>(Leeds University) & Phil Murphy (Manchester 
>Sustainable Communities) will be running a 
>session on the Government consultation on 
>reforms of regulation to high-rises.  This 
>followed the Grenfell atrocity and has a 
>deadline of 31st July.  This is a very important 
>issue and people are strongly encouraged to 
>attend and invite others to do so, particularly 
>those living in high-rise buildings (including privately owned).
>CAMPAIGN DIARY DATES (please get in touch for more details of any of these)
>1st August, Unite Community Day of Action on 
>Universal Credit, DWP, Caxton House, London, SW1H 9NA (1pm)
>2nd September, Housing and Mental Health meeting, Bath University (7.15pm)
>24th September, Defend Council Housing/Homes for 
>All fringe meeting at Labour Party conference, Brighton (6pm)
>29 September, Protest at Conservative Party conference, Manchester (12 noon)
>Best wishes
>Glyn Robbins
>for Homes for All
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> with our info at 
> email.  Sorry if this causes any confusion.  We hope to be back to usual soon.
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