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TLIO Bank Holiday Camp in support of Scolt Head & 
District Common Rights Holders Association

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'Camp on disputed land' planned near popular beach


Stuart Anderson  Published: 5:20 PM August 23, 2021
A group of people campaigning for age-old 
commoners' land rights are planning a 'camp out 
on disputed land' near a popular part of north Norfolk coastline.
Tony Gosling, from the group This Land Is Ours, 
said at least 10 people were planning to take 
part in the protest which would take place at or 
near the beach road car park in Brancaster over the Bank Holiday weekend.
Mr Gosling, who lives near Bristol, said the 
group wanted to draw attention to the cause of 
the Scolt Head and District Common Rightsholders 
Association (SCADRA), who 
the right of the National Trust and the Royal 
West Norfolk Golf Club to use a stretch of salt 
marsh next to Brancaster beach.
Tony Gosling, from the group The Land Is Ours.
The area which the Scolt Head and District Common 
Rightholders Association says is common land. It 
has been registered by the Royal West Norfolk 
Golf Club and the National Trust. Image: Google Maps - Credit: Archant
Mr Gosling said: "Along the north Norfolk coast 
private landowners have been extending their 
boundaries into the Scolt Island commons.
"Legally they must compensate rights holders if 
they want to use registered common land but they 
are refusing to meet local residents or even reply to letters.
"We are not there to be disruptive, we are just 
trying to encourage debate and bring people 
together. We're we’re all friendly, and peaceful, 
we want to get people talking about something that’s extremely toxic."
Brancaster Marsh Common, parts of which are in 
use by the National Trust and local golf club.
Briony Bax, Brancaster Parish Council chairman, 
said: "It’s a long-standing concern of the whole 
village that the tactics that they (SCADRA) are 
using do not go towards building community discussion.
"I'm also concerned about the health and safety of the campers.
"If you don’t know the marshes, it’s not a safe 
place to be wandering around at night."
Victoria Egan, general manager of the National 
Trust Coast and Broads, said: “We are aware that 
there is a planned event near National Trust land 
but not necessarily on Trust land. We are going 
to be speaking to SCADRA about the matter.”
Mrs Bax said the parish council was working with 
the National Trust, the golf club and the police 
to see that the camping was safe.
The Land Is Ours was founded in the 1990s by 
George Monbiot, from Extinction Rebellion.
The golf club has also been contacted for comment.

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