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Tony Gosling tony at cultureshop.org.uk
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>>Beach protest over Brancaster land grab claims
>>Next Tuesday's (7th Sept 18:30) Brancaster 
>>Parish Council meeting promises to be 
>>interesting as a motion attacking common rights 
>>holder councillors has been threatened by the chair
>>  By <https://www.lynnnews.co.uk/authors/judy-bates>Judy Bates
>>  Published: 16:18, 01 September 2021
>>Land rights campaigners held a protest at 
>>Brancaster beach car park over the weekend to 
>>back local commons rights holders embroiled in a long-running disagreement.
>>Ten protesters from the Land is Ours campaign 
>>camped out on an area of land which is part of 
>>a dispute between the rights holders and the 
>>Royal West Norfolk Golf Club and the National Trust.
>>Tony Gosling, who came up from Bristol to lead 
>>the protest, said they saw it as something of a 
>>feud and an example of private landowners 
>>extending their boundaries and grabbing land and rights holders losing out.
>>Land rights Protest Camp at Brancaster Beach Car Park, over the
>>Land rights Protest Camp at Brancaster Beach 
>>Car Park, over the Bank Holiday Weekend...Tony 
>>Gosling (right) with other protest group at the 
>>Car Park with Brancaster Golf Club in the 
>>Background, they are joined by Stephen Bocking 
>>(2nd left) Brancaster Parish Council member and 
>>Scolt Head and District Common Rightholders Association member.. (50709998)
>>Brancaster Marsh Common covers several thousand 
>>acres and parts of it have been registered by the golf club and the Trust.
>>The common rights holders and parish council 
>>dispute the land ownership claims and are also 
>>disgruntled that they are not receiving enough 
>>compensation for being unable to exercise 
>>historic rights which date back to the 
>>Enclosures Act of 1765 and would have made the parish the owner of the land.
>>Although they don't own any of the land, the 
>>300-plus members of the Scolt Head and District 
>>Common Rightsholders Association (SCADRA) are 
>>entitled to historic rights over the land for 
>>activities including shooting, fishing and grazing.
>>Land rights Protest Camp at Brancaster Beach Car Park, over the
>>Land rights Protest Camp at Brancaster Beach 
>>Car Park, over the Bank Holiday Weekend.... (50709999)
>>They claim that if they are not able to carry 
>>out these activities they are entitled to 
>>compensation and feel they are also entitled to 
>>a portion of any income from the land.
>>The beach car park is one area under dispute. 
>>It is run by the golf club which, according to 
>>the rights holders, also claims to own it.
>>Rights holder and parish councillor, Stephen 
>>Bocking, said that although the club had 
>>registered the land it occupies it has never 
>>produced the deeds to prove ownership and all 
>>SCADRA receives in compensation is £100 for some fencing on the land.
>>"We just want to get people round a table to 
>>talk about it but all we get from the golf club 
>>are solicitor's letters," he said. One letter 
>>arrived in response to the protest action.
>>Chris Cotton, another rights holder and parish 
>>councillor, said that they welcomed the support 
>>from the Land is Ours campaigners although they 
>>had no idea they were coming to Brancaster until a few days beforehand.
>>Mr Gosling said they were not there to be 
>>disruptive - just to try to bring people 
>>together in what had developed into something of a feud.
>>He said: "It amounts to a difference of opinion 
>>between the traditional rights holders and new 
>>money which holds the legal clout," he said.
>>Mr Gosling said they had an opportunity to chat 
>>to those involved over the weekend and hoped 
>>their intervention might bring the parties together face to face.
>>The issue will be on the agenda at a parish council meeting next Tuesday.
>>The Land Is Ours was founded in the 1990s by 
>>George Monbiot, now a leading figure with Extinction Rebellion.
>>The golf club has also been contacted for comment.
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