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GreenNet Newsletter: Summer 2002

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GreenNet has successfully moved offices!

For those of you who are avid readers of the GreenNet quarterly
newsletter, apologies for no Spring edition. GreenNet moved offices
around this time and we decided to put the newsletter on hold and
settle into the new premises.
GreenNet is now situated on the 2nd Floor of 33 Islington High
Street, N1 9LH (please amend the details if you haven’t already).
Thanks to all GreenNet users for your patience and understanding
throughout this.

GreenNet Services...

GreenNet Web Services
Easy to use, dynamic websites
GreenNet have developed very cost effective, easy to manage database
driven websites. Using a powerful tool you can publish information
and news, publicize events and share information within your
community using a simple online interface, without any knowledge of

Click here for more information:

***new offer***
Call us now and we can set up a trial page for you to try out (with
no obligation to buy), or email design at gn.apc.org.

Web design
If you are interested in a complete overhaul of your site, or are
starting from scratch, we can design, build and maintain your
website. We have particular expertise working alongside individuals
and organisations directed by social purposes, namely NGO’s,
campaigning organisations and individuals and charities. Our clients
benefit from our custom-built technologies and long standing
knowledge of the sector.

We are always available to discuss projects and we welcome proposal
requests, tenders and project briefs for websites of any size.

Support News...

Open Source Development
In the past two to three months, Greennet went through the sometimes
painful, but generally exciting and successful process of migrating
its services from NT and Solaris platforms to the widely used Open
Source Linux platform.
We hope you will notice the marked improvements, both in performance,
and especially in the choice of excellent software tools which are

Community Linux training Centre
Paul Mobbs, a long term GreenNet user, has successfully gained
funding to buy the equipment for a  Community/Linux Training Centre.
This project aims to develop and trial a wholly mobile computer
network that provides a desktop computing environment, but is also
able to simulate a local area network and Internet environment. This
enables the teaching of computer skills without a telephone
line/Internet connection. The primary use of this system will be to
teach computer and networking skills to civil society groups. But it
is also a valuable demonstration platform for the GNU/Linux operating
system within the context of civil society. For more information and
to find out how you can receive training, email Paul,
mobbsey at gn.apc.org. Information is also available on the website:


Changes in GreenNet support:
We sadly say goodbye to Phil Carr who left GreenNet last month. Phil
has worked with GreenNet for nearly three years and is moving on to
work as a freelance consultant (after spending the month of June
watching the World Cup!). He is available for all types of IT support
work large or small PC's, Mac's, Networks and servers in the London
area and beyond. For more information call him on 07903 584952. We
have received many messages thanking Phil for the support he has
provided to users throughout his time at GreenNet and all at GreenNet
will miss him. Thanks Phil!

On a happier note, we welcome Michael Moritz, who joined the GreenNet
collective in June. Michael has worked in various IT fields, ranging
from software development to hardware repairs: "I worked for the
biggest Austrian ISP and I really liked helping people with their
computers. What I didn't like about it was that no one really cared
about their problems. The only thing that mattered was
achieving a certain number of calls per hour and not spending more
than 10
minutes per call. That is one of the things that tempted me to
Another was the prospect of taking on more responsibility and having
a closer and more personal contact with users. As my first major
project at GreenNet, I am planning to restructure and redesign the
support section of the web site’. This is your chance to let us know
what you would like to see on the support section of the website.

Please email Michael with your comments about:
·	any additional content you would find helpful for your Operating
system (please tell us which OS your using (Windows9x/ME, NT, Apple
Mac OS, Linux,etc.), and/ or
·	suggestions about the structure that would make it easier for you
to navigate this section e.g. would it be useful to structure the
section in relation to ability i.e. Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner

Global Roaming
Some GreenNet Macintosh users have had problems with the support for
global roaming  this is an issue with iPass software. What this means
for Macintosh users is unfortunately a sometimes unreliable service.
We advise Mac users against using global roaming but if you are
really determined, the best thing is to call GreenNet support and
talk through the options.

Check here for local access available using the iPass network:

Project News

Itrainonline: www.itrainonline.org
We mentionned the Itrainonline, an Internet training resource centre,
in the previous newsletter. Itrainonline now has even more training
materials including the latest addition from the APC: "Participating
with Safety", a series of guides looking at the basics of Information
Security, backing up information, passwords and access controls,
using encryption and digital signatures, computer viruses, using the
Internet securely, and living under surveillance. Some resources are
available in English, Spanish and French.

Internet Rights UK
If you haven’t already taken time to familiarise yourself with the
new look GreenNet sponsored Internet Rights UK site, visit:
The site contains a wealth of information about using the Internet
and online rights and campaigning tools.
For information about Internet Rights throughout Europe, visit the
APC European Civil Society Internet Rights project, coordinated by
Karen Banks, GreenNet:

Karen, has just returned from the World Summit on the Information
Society (WSIS) preparatory committee http://www.wsis.info/index.htm

Communication Rights for the Information Society (CRIS) campaign
If you have any comments or queries, please email Karen.

GET IT centre


GreenNet Educational Trust provides free training for women in the
use of email and Internet. Trainees are from local areas of Hackney,
Camden, Islington.
Access to the Internet remains a concern for this area as highlighted
in a recent GLA report:


‘Key findings from the study include the differing rates of internet
home access in London boroughs, from over 60 percent in Richmond and
Kingston to under a quarter in Hackney, Islington and Barking and

If you know of any organisations or individuals that would benefit
from the training, they can contact Joanne, or Janet, on 0845 055
4011, or email joanne at gn.apc.org.
We are also looking for a volunteer to help with encouraging women to
participate in the training. An ideal volunteer would be locally
based with experience in working with womens/ community groups.

GreenNet’s upcoming Trainings

Web design using dreamweaver

The course is intended for those with some computer experience &
includes practical hands-on project work. By the end of the course
you will; understand the principles of the World Wide Web; have a
practical understanding of how to build, update and publish a web
site using Dreamweaver; understand the key principles of web design &
site promotion.

19th and 20th August (Monday and Tuesday)
16th and 17th September (Monday and Tuesday)

By popular demand we are running the courses on Mondays and Tuesdays,
10.30-17.30 both days, over the next couple of months. Many people
that have attended training, or are interested in future courses, are
reluctant to give up precious weekends...but we are not!
If you would like to organise a weekend training or suggest
alternative dates (we occasionally run the training as a six session
evening class), please contact Joanne on 0845 0554011, email
joanne at gn.apc.org

News from our members

Peace News have recently launched a new "tools and resources"
web-feature, aimed at providing nonviolent peace and antimilitarist
activists and campaigners with practical resources for organising and
taking action.


People and Planet are offering an ethical jobs service which aims to
help people find a socially and environmentally responsible career.



Revised GreenNet terms and conditions
We have revised our user terms and conditions. These can be found at:


Please note under section 11. GENERAL:
11.1 GreenNet reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions
from time to time. Notice of changes shall be posted in advance in
the GreenNet electronic newslist  ‘greennet-l’ and/or by e-mail.
Continued use of GreenNet for a period exceeding 30 days after
receipt of notification will constitute acceptance.

Renewing domain names
A user has brought to our attention a request they received to renew
their domain name. Similar requests seem increasingly common and are
worded such that you may worry you need to re-register your domain
but don’t worry!  we renew your domain name as part of our
service to you.


The GreenNet Newsletter is wriiten and edited by Joanne Doyle on
behalf of the GreenNet Collective. For more information contact
joanne at gn.apc.org.

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