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Joanne Doyle joanne at gn.apc.org
Fri Aug 23 17:07:21 BST 2002

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Dear User,

Notification of downtime due to systems upgrade

There will be a short downtime on the GreenNet mail server (meaning
you will not be able to check or send email) for approxromimately 40
minutes between 0.800 and 09.30 Friday the 29th  August

We have organised this for August as we know things are a bit quieter
at the moment for most to keep any disruption to a minimum.

GreenNet Services Update

Unmetered Internet Access
- From the beginning of September, GreenNet is introducing Friaco as an
optional add-on service to your current membership. We are
undertaking this for a trial period of 6 months for £14.00 plus VAT
per month. Our aim is to provide you (as always) with a high quality
service and support. The user to port ratio  (contention ratio) is 6:
1 with 100 hours access per month.
If you exceed 100 hours in a month you will be notified. The first
time this happens you will not be charged but if it happens again,
you will be charged £12.00 excess as it puts your account into the
next bracket.

We have had a call for this service from a number of users but to
help those of you who are not sure if you would benefit, we suggest
if your quarterly phone bill for dialup is between £50 - £100 you
would certainly benefit. For those whose bill for dial-up exceeds
£100 per quarter, we suggest you consider ADSL / broadband.
If you have any queries, please contact support at gn.apc.org.

Anti-Spam Tool

GreenNet has now switched on a new tool, which should help to filter
out the unwanted junk mail (Spam), that many of you find clogging up
your mailboxes. This tool works by adding *****SPAM***** to the
beginning of the subject lines of all Spam messages, before they get
dropped into your mailbox. You will then be able to easily identify
and delete the unwanted mail  either manually, or by setting up
filters in your email programme (details on how to set up filtering
will follow soon). The tool re-labels your Spam messages, rather than
deleting them from the server, as it is not completely foolproof (e.g
occasional mistakes can be made with mailing list messages). It
relies on mechanically identifying messages as Spam according to a
rigid set of rules.  Without the benefit of human judgement, it can
make mistakes, so we do recommend you double-check the senders of any
messages with a Spam label, before deleting them.

Web design using dreamweaver  upcoming training dates
16th and 17th September (Monday and Tuesday)
26th and 27th October (Saturday and Sunday)
11th and 12th November (Monday and Tuesday)
2nd and 3rd December (Monday and Tuesday)

Please contact joanne at gn.apc.org for a course outline and details of
upcoming dates not shown here.

And finally
GreenNet continually strives to meet the online needs of
our users. We provide a high quality support for all our services and
aim to develop ICT tools that will facilitate NGO’s and individuals
in their work. A few organisations that are with us have used
consultans to help with ICT areas and are perhaps unclear of how
GreenNet can provide the support or service they need. We would like
to encourage you to contact us first with any queries or a specific
query regarding a product or service you would like us to offer.

Best wishes,
Joanne Doyle
Coordinator GreenNet Collective

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