[diggers350] Re: Land struggle in west Papua

Lilia Patterson lilia at tlio.demon.co.uk
Thu Sep 16 01:38:03 BST 1999

> This made me think of some people I am working with. What is happening
> to them now is like what happened to all of us at some point in our
> history. Their land is being taken away and they are being force-fed
> 'development'. The good news is that they aren't taking it without a
> fight. If anyone is into helping them to resist, please get in touch,

HI there (sorry didn't get your name)

did you know we're putting together a TLIO magtazine about itnernational
land rights struggles, so if you've got an article about the struggle in
West papua we'd be happy to put it in.

get in touch for further details



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