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Arthur Lisch winstanley1648 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 18 20:08:44 BST 1999

Dear Gavin Parker,   I was part of the San Francisco Diggers action
during the late 60s and carry on until the present.  I'm very
interested in the placement of the Winstanley Stone on St. George's
Hill and am focused on a stone here in the United States of America
that has great historic and symbolic value.  It is called the Jefferson
Stone and is on the Mall in Washington, D.C.  It is at the point of
triangulation of the N/S line from the center of the White House and
the E.W. line from the center of the Capitol.  It was to have been the
site of the monument to Washington but the obelisk was too big to be
support by the Earth at the point of triangulation and so it was (and
is) situated off-center.  The original site - the Jefferson Stone - has
been neglected and trashed and I am working to rededicate the stone
which will be surrounded by a circular "Peace Site".  Among those
remembered at the site would be the True Levellers and Gerrard
Winstanley.  Want to hear more?? 

--- Gavin Parker <Gavin.Parker at surrey.ac.uk> wrote:
> Sorry to everyone  - could someone resend me the
> message about 
> the story so far on the 350 commemorative stone
> and... if there is 
> any news since that message (sorry I can't find the
> original mail...) 
> on efforts to get it a permanent site.
> Gavin 
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