[diggers350] Will Colonial Powers Stop Zimbabwe Reforms?

diynet at free.polbox.pl diynet at free.polbox.pl
Tue Apr 11 23:05:54 BST 2000

> Dear Ian,
> The whole conflict in Central Africa is based around those who wish to 
> maintain imperialism's grasp on the region.  Mobuto's overthrow in Zaire has 
> led to a new hope for the people of the whole region and the slurs and then 
> open warfare waged against the new Kabila government there by the American 
> proxy states of Rwanda and Uganda was designed to draw in the surrounding 
> countries and prevent progress.  THAT is why the BBC and british and american 
> governments are attacking the land reform movement in Zimbabwe.  That is why 
> we have heard talk of civil war.  Who do you think finances the Movement for 
> Democratic Change?? if not the CIA and the British Secret Service.  Why is 
> Peter (I will do and say anything to wield power) Hain rattling sabres at
> Mugabe?
> The issue of who controls the land IS important in Zimbabwe, whether or not 
> it is being farmed efficiently by whatever colour people.  Those demanding a 
> fair share of land must have our support, or what is this movement??

Ok, fair enough, although what support we can give them, I havnt a clue.
They would appear to be on a hiding to nowhere if they put any trust
in Mugabes regime which in the 20 years that it has been in power
has done SFA in the way of redistribution of land except to its own

We dont seem to be able to do anything about fair shares of land in the UK,
let alone a country in Africa.


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