[diggers350] Will Colonial Powers Stop Zimbabwe Reforms?

diynet at free.polbox.pl diynet at free.polbox.pl
Fri Apr 14 23:33:49 BST 2000

> >We dont seem to be able to do anything about fair shares of land in the UK,
> >let alone a country in Africa.

> take your cynicism elsewhere - we're doing a lot here in the UK
> Tony

I hope Ill continue to remain cynical about the operations of politicians
and governments. Its well deserved.
As regards land rights in the UK, I say what I see or rather dont see.
Take a look at The Land is ours' website. Theres nothing planned.
Also TLIO posts to this mailing list recently have all been about
unrelated issues. Pretty good indication that the group has lost
its way.
As for yourself, your arrogant posts show your lack of respect for
this list.


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