discussions around zimbabwe

Lilia Patterson lilia at tlio.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 14 16:07:11 BST 2000

This whole discussion about Zimbabwe seems more complicated than simply a
question of allowing poor squatters to take back the land that the evil
colonial white farmers have stolen from them.

Ist of all Mugabwe is a despot only interested in himself and his inner

Mugabwe's main reason behind this push for land reform is to strengthen his
own power and those of his croneys. There have been protests against him
during his tyrannical rule of 20 yrs, as there are now. Whether or not
these have been instigated by the CIA or not, the people of Zimbabwe would
not protest if they didn't have any problem with Mugabwe in the first

There is no guarantee that the squatters are not his croneys, seeking the
best land for themselves, while still depriving the poor and needy and
those who are victims of his regime regardless of whether they are black or
2ndly there has been much violence in the dispute and the whites are now
victims of racist attack. 

As a movement our main principle within TLIO states that 'we campaign
PEACEFULLY for access to land for everyone, regardless of race..'

Redistribution should take account also of the needs of those that are
affectively being evicted: in this case the white farmers. Otherwise this
simply becomes a conflict based on greed and power, the white colonialists
being replaced by black.

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