MI6 undermines Zimbabwe Reforms

Tony Gosling tony at gaia.org
Sat Apr 15 10:21:12 BST 2000

You can always spot a time-waster.

I posted the mail at the bottom to Ian personally but he replied via the
list.  We're clearly not going to agree on Zimbabwe Ian so why waste
everyone's time and wear out their delete keys with replying to one-to-one
mails via the list?? 

You are a little wide of the mark if you think the fact that no actions are
on the website nothing is planned and we're not doing anything worthwhile
that's not an action.  Try and pull my argument apart point by point if you
wish but don't just trot out the foreign office line, please.

I repeat, take your cynicism elsewhere, anywhere, or else engage with the
campaign in a positive way. whoever you are???


The ease with which otherwise sane people swallow the foreign office line
on land reform in Zimbabwe frightens me.  None of us who haven't actually
been able to cross-examine both sides on the groumd should be condemning
squatters - which is our grass-roots land rights movement here in the UK.

Arguments like 'these squatters are evicting the whites' and 'these
squatters don't have farming skills' are exactly the sort of lies MI6 [who
believe, in case you don't remember the squatters were farming the land
before the whites ever turned up and stole it from them.

I'm no big fan of Mugabe but the reason land reform has taken so long isn't
that Mugabe didn't want it - I believe - it's the UK has been umming and
arrring for so long about us helping with compensation he has finally said
well SOD the uk government we'll do it anyway.

from all the reports I hear Zimbabwe is still one of the most beautiful
countries in africa to visit and its music (via Peel and Kershaw) is some
of the best in the world despite its poverty so I big up the ordinary
Zimbabwe peeps and squatters. 

If there's any arrogance here its the arrogance of the whites in Zimbabwe
expecting whites around the world to rally to their support after the
bloody colonial legacy.


At 22:33 14/4/00 GMT, you wrote:
>> >We dont seem to be able to do anything about fair shares of land in the
>> >let alone a country in Africa.
>> take your cynicism elsewhere - we're doing a lot here in the UK
>> Tony
>I hope Ill continue to remain cynical about the operations of politicians
>and governments. Its well deserved.
>As regards land rights in the UK, I say what I see or rather dont see.
>Take a look at The Land is ours' website. Theres nothing planned.
>Also TLIO posts to this mailing list recently have all been about
>unrelated issues. Pretty good indication that the group has lost
>its way.
>As for yourself, your arrogant posts show your lack of respect for
>this list.
>        Ian.
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