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>Subject: DIG IT UP! Website Launched (news release)
>News Release:
>DIG IT UP! Website Launched
>The DIG IT UP! campaign is beginning to gather support across Britain. This
>campaign is urgent because the GM contaminated crops of oilseed rape, planted
>over 4,700 hectares of the British countryside, will come into flower this
>summer. These crops must be removed and destroyed before cross-pollination
>seeding occurs.
>The DIG IT UP! website, launched today, provides campaign news and ideas for
>action. It includes a sample postcard, a ready-made protest note, a sample
>letter, and the names and addresses where these should be sent. Other
>include an ongoing diary of the campaign, a point-by-point analysis of Nick
>Brown's recent statement to the House of Commons on GMOs in conventional
>links to other useful websites, and a page of facts and quotes to give
>encouragement to campaigners. The website can be found at
>Madeleine Parkyn, who created this website, says: "The DIG IT UP! website
>enables us to keep people informed and motivated. With it, we can share news
>quickly and spread ideas for effective action."
>The DIG IT UP! campaign calls upon the Government to have all the potentially
>contaminated oilseed rape crops dug up and destroyed and to pay full
>compensation to the farmers who have unknowingly planted them. It also calls
>for an immediate halt to the current field trials of GM oilseed rape and the
>existing plantings to be removed and destroyed.
>We urge people to phone, email, send a letter, postcard, or anything, to
>MP and to Tony Blair, Nick Brown, Mo Mowlam, Baroness Hayman, Michael Meacher
>and MAFF, and to contact newspapers and radio phone-ins, always including the
>demand to "DIG IT UP!". These three words alone will suffice, however,
>especially when they become a catch-phrase.
>The first mass writing of postcards to Tony Blair and Nick Brown, saying "DIG
>IT UP!", will take place in Scarborough town centre this Saturday (27th
>May) at
>a stall organised by Scarborough Against Genetic Engineering. Other events
>already being planned.
>The "Dig It Up!" slogan concisely expresses our demand. Martin Haggerty says:
>"These are just three words; but say 'Dig It Up!' aloud three times and you
>will feel its power. Then think how the Government and the biotech industry
>will feel after hearing and reading this phrase thousands of times. It might
>work. It is certainly worth trying."
>The design, text and graphics on the DIG IT UP! website are non-copyright.
>may be published elsewhere without permission.
>Further information about the DIG IT UP! campaign and website from Madeleine
>Parkyn or Martin Haggerty, who are available for interview. Telephone 01723 -
>37 55 33. Email <dig-it-up at envoy.dircon.co.uk>. Postal address: DIG IT UP!,

>7 Palace Hill, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 1NL. Website:
>The DIG IT UP! campaign was initiated on 18th May by two anti-GM
>campaigners in
>Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
>A call to remove GM Oilseed Rape from Britain's countryside.
>See the latest news and ideas for action at www.dig-it-up.uk.net 
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