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>Undercurrents to report live from the streets of Prague
>Press release September 20 2000
>Award winning alternative news organisation, Undercurrents, will be in
>Prague, Czech republic, reporting on the mass protests during the meetings
>of the World bank/ IMF from September 23 to 29 September.
>The Oxford based non profit organisation will co-ordinate 4 mobile video
>crews reporting from the streets. Features of video,text and photographic
>content will be published on their website http://www.undercurrents.org/praha
>After the events, a video screening will take place in Oxford on October 8th.
>A spokesperson for Undercurrents said today-
>"In the build up to the meetings, the mainstream media has demonised the
>use of direct action, concentrating solely on the sector of people intent
>on fighting with police or damaging property. What is being ignored are the
>tens of thousands of people blockading the conference using non-violent
>means. The press is intent on creating a climate of fear and ignorance.
>Undercurrents will be setting out to redress the balance and report on what
>direct action actually involves beyond the sensational headlines."
>The latest press release from the World bank campaigners details the
>protest plans for September 26th
>"At 9:00 AM, the Carnival of Resistance will begin at Namesti Miru Park
>featuring speeches, music, dance and street theater. Organizers stressed
>that the rally would be a safe space for people and families to voice their
>opposition to the IMF and World Bank with little risk of direct
>confrontation with Czech authorities.
>At 11:00 AM, the Unity March will start at Namesti Miru and head south
>through Prague toward the Convention Center. Organizers promised to push
>ahead with the Unity March despite not having a legal permit for the march.
>  Following the March, activists
>will surround the Center and will prevent delegates from leaving."
>Notes to editors-
>Undercurrents can be contacted in Prague on paulo at joymail.com or Tel 0973
>                         Undercurrents
>                         16b cherwell st
>                         oxford ox4 1bg
>                         Britain
>                         Tel +44 (0)1865 203662
>                         Fax +44 (0)870 1316103
>                 Latest radical video news on your computer now!
>                         http://www.undercurrents.org
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