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>From: Michael Macpherson <mjm at snafu.de>
>Subject: Munich Nov 2000 direct democracy conference
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>Network Direct Democracy Initiatives in Europe
>                 INVITATION
>                   to the
>              1st NDDIE Conference
>November 10 - 12, 2000 in Munich
>organized by AK Europa/Welt of Mehr Demokratie e.V.
>Preliminary Remark:
>The main topic in all our activities - also in the conference - is the
>topic of direct democracy. This  term for us means: the completion of
>the parliamentary democracy by a strong people-oriented lawmaking by the
>people themselves (initiative and referendum). Therefore on the
>conference there will be no dicussions WHETHER we want more elements of
>direct democracy but HOW we can get them. What I want to say: If you
>want to discuss basically about sense or nonsense of direct democracy
>you will be dissapointed on the conference.
>We want to meet personally, to learn about the situation in the several
>countries and to consolidate the network by finding common objectives,
>strategies and instruments concerning our work on European level to be
>realized in the next few years.
>- Activists/members of our member organisations
>- All groups who work mainly for direct democracy in their countries and
>on European level
>- Contact persons of several countries
>- People who think about starting some activities in their countries and
>are interested in our work
>Preliminary Programm:
>            Friday afternoon:
>            from 2 p.m. - Checking in and saying hello
>            Who already arrived will meet at the guesthouse to get
>            aquainted to each other...
>            Friday evening:
>            at about 7 p.m. - Opening lecture and discussion with Gerald
>            Häfner   (former member of German Bundestag and in the board of
>            Mehr Demokratie e.V.)
>            Saturday morning and afternoon
>            at about 9 a.m. - Country reports
>            Reports from the countries, concerning political situation,
>            attitude to EU,
>            democracy "status", direct democracy situation and activities
>            of the DD groups.
>            at about 3 p.m. - Visions for Europe
>            Impulse Lecture concerning a direct democratic Europe
>            (hopefully by Andi Gross, Nationalrat of Switzerland)
>            Visions and ideas of our member groups concerning direct
>            democracy in Europe.
>            How could it look like? Which laws do we need? What would be
>            the consequences?
>            Saturday evening:
>            at about 8 p.m. - Having fun together - Let's visit a typical
>            Bavarian place.
>            Sunday:
>            at about 9 p.m. - Future of NDDIE
>            How we will work together in the future? Consolidating of the
>            network.
>            at about 2 p.m. - End of the conference
>            (for people who stay until the evening or the next day we are
>            glad to prepare some tourist or working program, if
>            requested)
>Conference Language:
>The entire conference will be held in English. Exception: Lecture of
>Gerald Häfner in German and English for it is an open event also for the
>Munich public.
>The conference will be held in Munich, Germany, at the "Guesthouse
>4-YOU" directly at the Munich Central Station
>The conference fee is DM 50,--
>There are several possibilities of accomodation
>Guesthouse 4-YOU*
>in 4-bed-room      DM 121,--     * All prices are including 2 nights
>in 2-bed-room      DM 137,--     + half board (=>2xbreakfast + 2xmeal),
>in 1-bed-room      DM 169,--          bath/WC on same floor
>Hotel Ludwig**
>          single room, bath/wc DM 270,-- **Price incl.2 nights/breakfast
>For organisational reasons your soon conference application would help
>us a lot.
>So please send us your binding application per email or fax including
>your: name, adress, tel/fax-number, organisation (if there is one), the
>accomodation you wish (according to the mentioned alternatives) and
>wether you request a refunding and - if yes - how much, date/time of
>arrival/departure. - Deadline for application is October 15th, 2000. -
>After registration you will all necessary information as soon as
>For Further questions:
>Contact Thomas Rupp - tom.rupp at t-online.de - Tel/Fax 0049 69 59 44 46
>In charge of conference organisaton.
>Network Direct Democracy Initiatives in Europe.
>  /\                                      Associazione Democrazia Diretta
>/^.\                      MAIL-LIST http://www.eGroups.com/group/listadd
>  || PINO   gstra at tin.it                   WEB http://come.to/demodiretta
>For conference information contact Thomas Rupp - tom.rupp at t-online.de
>Dr. Michael Macpherson,
>PSAMRA/Integral Studies,
>Berlin FRG
>tel.: +49 30 262 3768
>e-mail: mjm at berlin.snafu.de
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