travellers school charity meeting

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heres the travellers school details
as we talked about at kebele on saturday.

i'm off to rainbow circle summer camp in august,
come and visit us there!


ps this email was powered by the TLIO windmill!

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> from Travellers School Charity. webmaster, and newsletter
> publisher/distributor.  I was elected as a trustee, at the recent meeting
> near Pucklechurch.
> Sorry, I heard how you felt about passing near, and missing it.
> the meetings have been for trustees, but we are opening them up to provide
> forum. The minutes are confidential, and only circulated to trustees, and
> persons present at the meetings, and should normally include the date date
> next meeting.
> The website has details of the date of meetings, and often a contact
> reference, if no actual address is revealed.
> has few details about the meetings, and links to info about the TSC and
> Glaneirw housing co-op with endlesss knot housing co-op putting on Summer
> camps next year.
> the AGM is at Glanirew, Tan-y-groes, Ceredigion, SA43 2HP
> contact there Carol Waller (new futures association) 01239 811929
> on Sat. 11th. August. with publications and other committee meetings on
> Sunday.

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