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here's a research project about wandsworth,
send replys to john not to me!

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> Hi George,

> It would be great if you could forward the questionaire to others who were
> at the occupation. >
> John
> I first must apologise for some questions which must seem trivial, but as
> you may appreciate being a research paper that I ask them for their
> from you and to facilitate the presence of first hand sources, and in view
> of this check it against reported media, other coverage and interviews.
> 1. What was the initial intention of the occupation at Gargoyle wharf and
> who organised it?
> 2. How did you find out about the occupation? Was the occupation
> in any media? I am aware that there were a number of people from abroad.
> 3. I understand that there were also members from other organisations
> present and giving talks. Do you feel that there is a strong link between
> different 'resistance' movements both nationally and internationally?
> 4. I feel that many of those who are exploited, cannot operate within
> political realms, and therefore against such ideologies. In view of this
> do feel the role of other organisations have helped against such
> i.e. the link between political activism and 'ordinary' people who perhaps
> do not fully understand prevailing legislation and therefore are
> at a disadvantage.
> 5. Do you feel that there was a strong sense of cohesion within the site?
> 6. Was the occupation well received within the existing community, what
> methods were pursued to involve the local residents?
> 7. How do you feel the media has treated core organisations or protests,
> do you feel there an underlying image which is repeatedly used as
> against such demonstrations?
> 8. What were the main 'tools' used to protest against the use of this
> (Perhaps just the act of peaceful settlement)
> 9. Do you feel that such de-centralised protests are more beneficial to
> changing political or capitalist ideologies as opposed to more central,
> perhaps aggressive protests such as the May Day protests, which are
> currently happening worldwide?
> 10. Where were many of the materials gathered from to erect the structures
> which appeared on the site?
> Do you feel that the occupation served its purpose?
> _________________________________________________________________________

The paper has to be finished by the end of the month, therefore I would be
grateful of a speedy response. I have been let down by a few respondents
with regard to some interviews and this is why the questionaire is late in
comming out.

My name is John Blanchard and I am a post graduate student studying at the
university of Lincolnshire and Humberside. I am researching 'informal
communities' and how they can resist hegemonic development ideologies.

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