Travellers lose legal fight

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Mon Dec 16 22:01:24 GMT 2002

Travellers lose legal fight

The travellers admitted building on green belt land

Around 200 travellers have lost their legal battle to remain on green belt land in Warwickshire where they have been encamped for more than eighteen months.

They now have just over three months to leave the site at Bulkington, even though they say they have nowhere else to go. 

The group of 35 families admitted building on green belt land, but argued a shortage of suitable sites left them with no alternative. 

But on Monday the High Court upheld Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council's decision to refuse the travellers planning permission. 

Health problems

Dr Donald Kenrick, director of the Romany Institute, said the families faced an uncertain future. 

"It's very difficult to find accommodation in reach of where they are now so that the children can continue with their education and so that those members of the families with health care problems can continue with the same GP," he said. 

"I think it will be difficult, unless the district council is prepared to put its back behind helping them I don't think they'll find anywhere." 

But Alan Franks, spokesman for Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, said it was the right decision. 

"The council is very pleased with the outcome of today's hearing at the High Court and believes its stance has been vindicated, particularly with regard to the residents of Bulkington." 

The travellers were were refused leave to appeal and must leave the site before March.

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