Ecoterrorists Attack Wandsworth Windmill

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Sun May 25 13:54:41 BST 2003

### Sunday 25 may 2003 ###

# Ecoterrorists Attack Wandsworth Windmill. #

An attack by eco-terrorists on the 
Wandsworth Eco Village windmill
was thwarted yesterday afternoon.

Our informant said that he was
coming out of the Rainbow Circle kitchen tent
when he saw three shadowy figures launching missiles
at the windmill which is currently bolted on to
the Kids Bus, powering communications equipment.

Using anti-terrorist tactics developed at various
Temporary Autonomous Zones our informant ran
over and chucked a bucket of water over
the leading terrorist, described as almost
five feet tall, and who he recognised
from previous sabotage attempts.
(or should it be 'whom' ? )

The attacker ran home to his secret base
where he got no sympathy from his backers.

The missiles were identified as a red
plastic spade and small fluffy toy sheep,
but sticks and stones had been used in 
previous attacks.

The windmill belongs to TheLandIsOurs,
the political wing of the diggers eco warriors,
it was rescued off of the Wandsworth Eco Village
a few hours before the tree killers Guinness
evicted the site about thousand years ago
(some time last millenum).

It has since powered the Tribal Voices stage
at the Green Gathering, and appeared at Dead Womans Bottom,
Stonehenge, Somerset, and various Rainbows...

It is now at the Rainbow Circle Kids Camp,
all this half-term week, at
Kniveton, near Ashbourne Derbyshire,
in two beautiful organic fields,
a time of positivity, fun and great food,
so plllllleeeeaaaasssse come and play and learn and teach..

## [ george at ]  ##

This email was powered by the Wandsworth Windmill - thanks!

(Techinickal note - pedants say that the term 'windmill'
refers only to wind driven devices which mill
corn to flower, but 99% of six year-olds
call it a windmill, so it is. So There. )

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