[diggers350] Flood plain protest same issues as the Climate Camp?

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Wed Aug 22 22:50:08 BST 2007

Hello Tony and all here,
  In many ways its true what Tony says and after some time on this list I have understood that it concentrates on TLIO campaigns which I respect although my original reason for joining was because I have long been interested in the Diggers in a broader sense because Gerrard Winstanley said many things that could be seen as prophetic about the times we find ourselves in and its a short step from the stealing of land from the peoples of the world as the rich classes and Zionists, US Imperilaists and aristocracies etc have done, to also becoming owners of the sea, the air and all the resources on the planet.
  I am an exiled Englishman, I left the UK because for my part I feel that the chances of a real change and the kind of new society we need on this planet are more likely to take root elsewhere.. I chose South America where I live in a spiritual and socialist community not unlike the ideas of the diggers... Is there room to talk about wider themes related here or has it got to be so strict on campaigns etc???
  I saw that TLIO was doing good things 10 or so years back when they occupied Guiness land but are you not limiting yourselves and becoming a single issue minority... Do you not think we need a bigger and wider campaign for change in Britain and the world????
  I agree that the whole thing of private property is CENTRAL to many of the worlds problems but the means of changing that is not only by squating.... 
  Taking Winstanley as a starting point he pointed out many things about the psychological and spiritual roots of this selfish imagination that rules the world but a big part of the problem for the people that are against the system that dominates the world is that they are divided into so many small groups without a solid concensus of what we are going to do.
  In todays society it is every man for himself is it not? 
  We don't only need social, political or land rights campaigners in order to turn things round.
  We also need to unite all those forces into one very big spiritual force.. Me thinks that that might be the hard bit.
  But anyway for my part, good luck to all those that are trying to actively do something its better than doing as most do which is bury yer head in the sand.
  Best Wishes.

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