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Attending the Lammas appeal in Mid Wales felt like attending a Moscow show trial.

Lammas people had to jump through hoops - number of adults , skills, place  of birth, dependents, income, jobs,marketing plans, cars,

designs, condition of  land, farming history, relation to neighbours, alternative sites , languages spoken, etc,

 If you have plenty of dosh , or are a Russian oligarch, or a landowning toff you just take out your cheque book, few  or no questions asked.   

Most of all no one considered the human right of Lammas people and each of us to life- which having a house represents 

I recommend the  related articles in the current 'Land' issue

To try to bring reality into the system we have to start somewhere and I propose the  following : it is in rough draft form but I hope it gives the idea of what is needed. If it is thought to have merit  we should take it further.

( in the  spirit of the proposal, if you think it has no merit than suggest  a better way of bringing about change.)

James, Dorchester.


Democratising  Planning-  ‘People’not place as the central concern of development 
The goal is 
1  to encourage   applicants for LID’s and self build  to preface their applications with such a clause to educate the planners, 
2  to campaign with MPs and housing  lever pullers to acknowledge that the  system of house provision is broken and that this is a massive breach of human rights
 leading to 
3 the acceptance of government that LID and self build generally is the preferred way of house provision,  and 
4 full government financial  and planning support for LID and self build.
5 Passing a law requiring planners to pass an application in the event of the non provision of alternative arrangements acceptable to the applicants 
6 implementation of this at Local Authority and  RITP level.
(Proposed  clause to accompany application,on the  lines of )
“ The                   planning authority are asked to consider the following  
 It is my our  right, as citizens  to be housed to commence home-making . This is an existential human right. 
 Not qualifying for houses for sale at market prices (because  
income  is too low and          have no inherited capital,      own no land with or eligible for planning permission, nor owning a house in an development area with  extended garden etc,   Waiting lists for social houses are of many years, and are a burden on the  national revenue,  
I /we  submit the application below,  
Since all reasonable alternatives have been explored no options present themselves to us.
In the  circumstances of such possible refusal , the authority as last resort inherit  responsibility for provision of housing, and livelihood provision to meet the needs of  the applicants as set out  on the  basis of the plans outlined   
The……….. authority are asked to consider that in the  event of refusal, the  responsibility now is upon them to suggest alternative  provisions acceptable to us , and in  reasonable time , so that the breach of human rights which, in the absence of alternatives  their refusal  represents,  is avoided .
Such arrangements may be ‘exceptional’ circumstances leading to passing the plans, provision of  alternative sites etc…
This application represents the applicant taking responsibility  to undertake self provision of housing  (livelihood etc ) , and is the culmination of   an extended process of  (group forming , finding land, buying land,  drawing up plans,  detailing building regulation matters,  maintaining a group together, ( forming company etc)  for  ….. years.

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