The Ownership Commission

Darren Hill mail at
Tue Aug 3 11:11:12 BST 2010

The economic crisis has shown the fragility of investor owned business, 
and the importance of the diversity of corporate forms to the British 
economy.  Trust in institutions is at an all time low.  At the same 
time, Government is increasingly interested in how public services can 
be more accountable to their users, whilst harnessing a stronger culture 
of employee engagement.

The Commission on Ownership will produce an authoritative report that 
establishes a new and clear understanding of the influence that 
ownership has on the governance of our country.

The key questions for the Commission are:

 - Does ownership matter?
 - Does ownership affect fairness in Britain?  
 - What, if anything should Government do about ownership?

The Commission on ownership will look at all of these questions and make 
recommendations for a better understanding of the Government's 
responsibility on ensuring diverse and fair ownership in Britain.

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