[Dem-Village] praiseworthy ITV

Alison Banville alisonbanville at yahoo.co.uk
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yes it was amazing!!!! If anyone doubts the catastrophic effect of mainstream 
media collusion with power then this film should make that clear! It is 
absolutely true that we would not have gone to war if these fuckers had done 
their job!! None of the stuff in the film was info we didn't know but now it has 
had a wide audience! It was really down to one man at ITV that this was shown as 
Pilger said in an interview this week - that is sheer luck and nothing 
whatsoever to do with the station as whole being crusading. ITN News as we saw 
is just as culpable as the BBC  - and Ch4N and Sky. I've worked with Media Lens 
for a while now (as anyone can, it's a grass-roots org) and have had lots of 
discussions with David Edwards - he and David Cromwell are credited at the end 
of the film as consultants but their contribution was actually huge. 

Recently we've been discussing Tom Bradby ITV News' political editor who I 
contacted at the beginning of the student protests. David gave me some great 
quotes of his revealing his lack of impartiality which I put in an email to him, 
Mannion (also interviewed in the film) and just for good measure all the other 
newscasters! These people need to know they are being watched - in the deeper 
sense - and held to account. This is why Media Lens are so despised by the msm, 
they are effective at exposing the unspoken allegiances and they rely on their 
supporters to help them. I urge everyone to do so because the stakes are too 
high not to. We can already see the exact same events playing out re Iran that 
led to Iraq and the media has learned nothing!! If we let them they will 
drum-beat us into another war in which countless innocents will die. Media 
should be holding power to account but they won't - so we need to hold THEM to 
account!! If we do we could prevent another tragedy. Like John said 'the 
Palestinians can't wait' for the hand-wringing after the fact! We need to act 

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 John Pilger's "The War you wont see" on ITV to-night  exposed the propaganda of 
Mark Regev of Israel and of Pentagon and our Foreign Office  and of  Ministry of 
Defence, and the craven output of BBC coverage of  Iraq, Afghanistan. Also the 
mis-information we get from  embedded journalists.
Pilger said, Oil, business interests and arms  cotracts were the causes of  Iraq 
We should pay ITV our licence not the BBC. Just this one programme was worth 
it.  James.    

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