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   Great initiative from AWTW, please sign up and distribute widely:

*Build People's Assemblies*
A World to Win urges communities to unite to defeat the attacks by the
Conservative-Lib Dem coalition government on public services and living
standards already under way.

Tens of thousands of public and private sector workers will lose their jobs
and local communities be deprived of vital services unless we come together
to defeat the government.

What Cameron and Clegg call the ‘national interest’ in reality means doing
what’s right by the bankers and speculators who are responsible for the
global crisis in the first place.

We should reject the spending cuts altogether. Financiers have already had
their pound of flesh, with taxpayers’ bailing out the banks when they
collapsed after running up enormous debts.

The greatest economic and financial crisis since the 1930s is the
responsibility of capitalist corporations and bankers. They have forfeited
the right to run the world.

Parliament won’t defend us and New Labour is equally responsible for the
disaster. So A World to Win suggests that we create a network of People’s
Assemblies to unite communities.

People’s Assemblies will represent ordinary people’s interests, whether they
are young or old, in work or unemployed, in the public or private sector,
trade unionists, students, minorities and community groups resisting the

The Assemblies will also look beyond a failed economic system where profit
and speculation comes first and towards building a true democracy in place
of the sham one we live under now.

Register your support for a People’s Assembly in your area and together we
can defeat the coalition and change the world.
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