The Rainbow tax

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Over the rainbow goes £100 billion each year from U.K.
as our contribution to the  European
Union. Over  the rainbow in the other
direction comes 50 billion euros,

some 3 billion of which  is C.A.P. payments , mostly to giant
landowners, agribusinesses and  more bizarrely,
to insurance companies , racing stables, cricket and polo clubs, the RSPB and 3
Donkey Sanctuaries- but not to such as you and me and the ninety nine per cent
of Brits who own no bulk land.. 

Supporters of the Countryside Alliance , a Master of Fox
Hounds, a shooting pheasant farmer and hunting viscounts, lords and duchesses too
many to count – those who know how to tweak the Sheriff of Nottingham tax  are well rewarded annually-    £half 
million ends up in the coffers of the Duchy of Cornwall and nine
million  euros goes to a sugar and
bio-fuel broker from Dubai.  

But to think positively. What lies at the foot of the rainbow?
- a crock of pure gold awaiting discovery by Mr Osborne, as he sharpens his  knife for the coming budget cuts .

Altogether now, let’s rejoice and sing “Somewhere,  Over  the rainbow !” James, 		 	   		  
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