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 Self build Dialogue has been opened up with Office of
Fair Trading


I formally asked
Office of Fair Trading (OFT)  to prosecute named
plc spec builders for holding landbanks , trickling out supply and  Failing to respond to  demand .


The OFT  economist, James Macbeth  has replied justifying the  OFT  in
not acting against spec builders.


I have come back
to say that Macbeth and  OFT and the Barker Review of Housing Supply completely
failed to factor in the potential  of
self build and so OFT  failure to act
is  not rational .. 

- That landbanks
by the spec builders are against the public interest because  self–builders are the public – specifically
that section of the public who are prepared to self supply. 

. and they are
harmed.- the landbanks (kept for capital gains) preclude self builders from access to land for building houses.

S-bers hold no
landbanks and are penalised by plc’s holding scarce permissioned land.

Self builders do
not need to hold land for four years as required for spec builders plans and
commercial considerations .(which  McBeth

And OFT has no
remit to take into consideration the commercial needs of the plc’s.


The  importance is that an economist at OFT
is  in dialogue  with an advocate for self-build.   

No-one in HMG
and no housing experts who dominate the policy making in Whitehall to date has factored  in the potential of self-build.


I am hoping to
make the economist of the Office of Fair Trading the first convert

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