[Dem-Village] Latest Threat to Brian, Maria & Co

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brill email Mark! Makes it all really clear and excellently written too!

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As things stand, no problem legally for Brian or Maria's camp; Brian because he 
is has been found to be exempt as he was in place before its terms came into 
force, Maria because she has obtained authorisation under its framework. Later, 
however if legislation that enacts their removal gets passed they could be 
100% vulnerable. Main problem is called "Parliamentary Sovereignty" which means 
they can bring in any law they like and the Courts and Police will enforce it. 
There is no higher law in this land and Parliament cannot bind itself into the 
future, so even previously enacted Human Rights legislation will be circumvented 
if the new legilsation is drafted skilfully enough. New law may of course be in 
contradiction with EU Human Rights legislation to which we (the UK) are 
signatories, but again it is not binding. Since the 1649 - 1688 
settlement Parliament has been Sovereign and that, without a new settlement 
in place, eg a written constitution accepted by courts and people as of a "meta" 
nature, as some of us advocate ( 
eg http://www.peopleincommon.org/archive/C421.html and    
http://www.aworldtowin.net/about/Rights21C.html ) so as to protect fundamental 
principles and redirect society as a whole, is where things stand today. The EU 
can rap the UK Gov on its knuckles, for Human Rights infringments as it does 
from time to time but its views (in contrast with, say the US Constitiutional 
Court, which regularly strikes out Federal and state -made laws as 
unconstitutional) are not biding on the sovereign Brit Parliament. Hence the 
need for us to struggle to change that!

In the meantime of course we need to stop unjust laws coming into place, and 
when they do strive to make them unworkable. If they attempt to bring in a law 
to evict B and M we can lobby, and do direct actions to stop it and i it comes 
in we must mobilise to prevent the eviction, in numbers (let us hope the police 
prediction, in this case is right!)

In solidarity for a new constitution which protects all of us, here in the UK, 
Europe and even world-wide, and all of nature; and which also directs us, 
non-coercively towards a community focused, democratic political economy and the 
reigning in of all states and global capital!



On 17 October 2010 12:53, raga woods <ragawoo at gmail.com> wrote:

Well done Mark for alerting us....there was a good piece in the Standard with a 
pic of Maria outside the new Tardis Box. We need to get this sorted Mark, where 
do we stand???Can you clarify Mark...with your legal training.
>You know there are things cooking legally on our side too... HAVE TO CHECK 
>OUT...talk later. Raga
>On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 10:57 PM, Mark Barrett <marknbarrett at googlemail.com> 
>It appears that senior MPs are planning legislation to evict all
>>Westminster pavement protestors (see below). Presumably
>>another thing to discuss at tomorrow's Democracy Village Assembly,
>>from around 1pm in Victoria Tower Gardens, adjacent to the House of
>>Parliament squatters' protest camp will be outlawed
>>"It raises the prospect of Mr Haw, who has been camped at the square
>>since 1991, being removed. But police sources think crowds could move
>>into the square to resist any attempt to evict Mr Haw, who has become
>>a figurehead for some peace protesters."
>>New laws won’t move us out of Parliament Square, say protesters
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