Derelict farm to be squatted in Nottinghamshire

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Sun Apr 3 12:16:08 BST 2011

This coming weekend a group of people are gathering on the land at Field
Farm, Stapleford, in Nottinghamshire to discuss setting up a sustainable
community there this spring. They announced this on a posting on Indymedia
this weekend, saying that the site is an old empty farmhouse behind where
they live, which has been left fallow for ten years or so, and has become a
bit of a wildlife haven, and is now threatened with development as they say
the owners of the land now intend to build on it (locals could mitigate a
developers' plans through prior consultation through lobbying for their
preferred development criteria on the draft planning guidance on the site
and in future more so under the Localism Bill which is not currently law, 
notwithstanding the fact that if it is greenbelt, it is unlikely the farm
would be 'developed on'). 

Stapleford Community Farm

Bring seeds and materials to prepare the site for when we are ready to
move in permanently

Although we are gathering on the Friday we will be camped on site after
Wednesday so feel free to pop up then

We found out about this place after this message from a local:

Gareth Whitedog 20 March at 18:43 Report
Hope you are well.
Thought we'd give you a heads-up about a nice opportunity...

There's an old empty farmhouse behind where we live, in a couple of
fields, which have been left fallow for ten years or so, and have become a
bit of a wildlife haven, and even host a couple of endangered species, we

The owners of the land intend to build on it, and current Tory plans will
make it even easier for them to do so. Nobody in the village wants that.

It occurs to us that if the farmhouse were to be squatted by some
community minded people, who put it to good use, then it would make it
somewhat more difficult for the building to happen, and would also give
good scope for a high-profile campaign, where the media is concerned. You
know, "Big-hearted eco-warriors in face-off with evil developers trying to
destroy nature reserve..."

We feel pretty sure that if anyone were to do this, and they did it right,
then they would probably get quite a bit of support from the local
community, and they could certainly count on support from us, some of the
closest neighbours.


Here's a Google maps link to the place:

Let us know what you think.

Gareth & Sue
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Travel from Sheffield involves a train to langley mill followed by a bus
to outside the entrance road.

Also Buses from derby and local area to Stapleford.

There is also much other devolopment planned for this area including
devolopment of Trowell Moor for open cast mining so this area is under a
lot of threat.

A link to a news report about Field Farm is here

Photos also follow for information on finding the site, please spread this

Phone calls can be made on 07849449532 after Wednesday 

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