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Sun Apr 3 14:07:02 BST 2011

Is this a load of crap: 
Today You Will Discover Who Really Is Pulling the Strings Behind America’s Economic Downfall 
So You Can Stay Safe From:
A Covered-Up Catastrophe! Get an early warning of a second great depression that may be at our doorstep and why the White House and Fed don’t want you to know about it! 
The Real Inconvenient Truth! Uncover three alarming ways the government intentionally uses inflation to grow rich at your expense!
Unacceptable Taxation! Get the actual story about a secret income bracket “tax creep,” plus another hidden levy that is 400% higher than any point in history!

Ilyan's reply.......
I thought Milton Freedman's supporters fled the field of battle when the big guns on their own side  opened up in the late 80s.   The Stock Market was well overdue for a correction.   They flooded Banks with liquidity and stopped the correction.
The Nobel fraudsters made an award  that ignored that in effect all 
Friedman said was that it was time to use the second part of Keynes 
Theory where the Government has to refund its money base with additional taxation so that it can deficit spend its way out of the next Depression.
Stafford Cripps killed incipient inflation in 1946 enabling prosperity others took the credit for.      There has been no subsequent Economist or Politician with his grasp of reality.    Traitors in the Tory Party, the Labour Party and now the Lib-Dems all put forward policies to 'debauch the currency'.  Read Vladimir Ilyitch Ulyanov on that subject.


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