Barcelona peaceful protest evicted for 'cleaning' of square

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Barcelona Brutal Police Catalonia Square Eviction May 27, 2011

Video of brutal Spain riot police crackdown, over 100 protesters injured
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More Than 100 Hurt as Cops Roust Protesters in Barcelona
BARCELONA – More than 100 people were hurt on 
Friday when police forcibly evicted protesters 
who have been camped out for two weeks in the 
main square of Spain’s second city as part of a 
nationwide mobilization against austerity and the country’s political class.
Thirty-seven police were among the 120 people injured.
The confrontation began when municipal cleaners 
entered Catalonia Plaza with instructions to 
remove objects that might be used as weapons in 
possible disturbances following Saturday’s UEFA 
Champions League soccer final in London pitting 
FC Barcelona against Manchester United.
The protesters slashed the tires of the cleaning 
carts that were meant to carry away their belongings.
At that point, police charged the protesters and 
the roughly 1,000 sympathizers who flocked to the plaza to support the campers.
With tear gas and rubber bullets, cops cleared a 
path for the cleaners, who hauled away more than 
a dozen carts filled with tents, mattresses, 
laptop computers and bottled gas used to fuel generators, among other items.
Police then withdrew and the protesters returned 
to begin rebuilding the encampment.
Elsewhere, two protesters were arrested for 
resisting a similar clean-up effort on the main square in the city of Lerida.
In Madrid, site of the largest encampment, the 
opposition-controlled regional government 
formally asked the Spanish Interior Ministry to 
evict the protesters from the emblematic Puerta del Sol square.
The municipal administration joined in the 
request, citing concerns about “public health,” 
while merchants in the Puerta del Sol complained 
that their business has fallen off by as much as 
80 percent because of the encampment.
The May 15th Movement, so named because the first 
protests took place on that date, is demanding 
“real democracy now” and new economic policies 
against the backdrop of more-than-21-percent unemployment.
Though the initial sit-ins were carried out by 
young people struggling with an under-25 jobless 
rate above 40 percent, the movement of the 
“indignados” (angry ones) has grown to encompass 
people of all ages and stations.
Demonstrators reject current austerity policies 
and express disgust with both the ruling 
Socialists and the main opposition, the 
conservative Popular Party, which made big gains 
in last Sunday’s regional and municipal elections.
Protesters say they want a more representative 
electoral system and mechanisms for genuine 
citizen participation in government. EFE
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