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Incorporation –from which society
suffers agonies to-day,   is a kind of bastard Christianity .

“Hoc est corpus meum” – “this is
my body” puts in-corp-oration at the
centre of  Christian doctrine   - the
teaching that the church is the body of Christ.

Christ is the head of the body
and all are invited to be incorporated a second time- now spiritually, each becoming  the arms and legs or contribute their talents
for the greater good with membership and benefits open to all .

Incorporation is no mere
religious phenomena- that would be to underestimate it,- but has jumped off the
pages of the letter to the  Corinthian church
to become the first multinational, with HQ in Rome,
with branches in every parish in every country., and like it or lump it, with
all its faults a 2,000 year old success.  What we know
of as corporations are Christian corporations degenerate, JC replaced by CEO’s  and  cupiditas replacing caritas – greed replacing
love for humanity.  This suggests that  a new clause urgently needs to be inserted as the
first article of association of each  registered
company,  “ The first aim of this association
is to serve the best interests of all people , not to harm them. ” - something
like the SPQR motto of the ancient  Romans-
 “Senatus et Populus Quirinale Roma” – “for
(the good of)  the people and district of
Rome.”   Commercial corporations are now just  the husk of the first great corporate institution
which brought forth the civilization of western Europe -  with the ethics knocked out of it.   It
almost makes you want to be religious. 



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